New kid on the block, guidance needed

Hello Gurus.

New kid on the block here.
Grateful to be here and learning so much from this helpful forum already.

I’m looking for some guidance with the next steps and hope to seek some help.

  1. I’ve set up Jarvee and about to add accounts next.

  2. I’ve heard that it’s safest for every account to have one proxy.
    I’m looking for a good quality proxy that will not break my bank.
    Any recommendations?

  3. For each account, it needs to be tagged to a different phone number, right?
    How do you go about doing this the legal way?
    (I live in a country where laws are very strict, and I just wish to do it right)

  4. Lastly, are there any recommendations for coaches to help me gain a faster foot in this game, again without breaking the bank?

Thank you so much.


Get your own sims from @biffer or @kraadnc.
Biffer sells you actual sims and you would throw them in a phone to validate. Kraad also sells actual sims but he holds onto them and provides a service where his virtual assistants throw your sims in a phone to get the codes for you. Depends which is better for your needs.


@HenryCooper proxies
@kraadnc sims
@Babs / general forum for consulting


Yes, you should either have 1 account to 1 IP/Proxy, or know what you are doing and get a mobile proxy that supports lots of accounts. Start with 1 proxy per account.

There is nothing illegal about swapping a SIM to get a new number. It depends on what kind of operation you are doing. If you have a small group of accounts, then buy SIM’s or use SpeedyVerify (@kraadnc 's service). If you are running spam CPA, you can use smspva or a similar service.

Aside from who @thekingwillwhip recommended, the search button is your friend here. Tons to learn, read and implement. Strive to get to level 2 where there is an open marketplace and tons of guides/tutorials, on almost anything you can imagine.

Also, start here if you haven’t already.

Welcome to the forum!


I would recommend the mother/slave method to get a great headstart at the beginning.