New Legit Instagram Accounts Going In 24 Hour Review


I am new here and getting a lot of value. I wanted to run a network of legit instagram pages and grow them for future ventures.

I bought 3 android devices with multiple user options enabled. I am sure all of you are familiar with multiple user option in many android devices. I made 5 accounts on each instagram app, verified them with real phone sims. 5 accounts on each sim. In each device I am able to create 4 profiles and in each profile 5 accounts. 3 devices run a total of 60 pages. Didn’t add email in these accounts, just signed up with phone number.

All run on 4g sim data and I change ip by turning airplane mode on/off before switching to next android profile.

After running these accounts without any problem for a couple of weeks, I got mobile verification block on few pages and on few it told me your account is now under review.

Nothing is automated all done by hands by humans. Not following more than 40-50 users per day and 4-5 users per hour only and except that only posting 3-4 posts a day. Nothing else is being done on pages like a lots of likes, DM, commenting etc.

It would be great if any of you here can point out what I maybe doing wrong or give some tips.


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The issue is with adding too many accounts to a single device. You should only run a max of 2 accounts on a single device.

Mistake 1 - Account creation plays a big role here. Creating on an app is less popular because IG can track too much data about your phone etc.

So your accounts started limping thanks to sharing multiple data points between each acc, you got some things right like resetting IP but that’s just the first thing spammers do when trying to game the system and there’s a lot more that should be done if you wish to create on an app.

Mistake 2 - I struggle to understand what you mean here, but by the looks you set up 1 app and registered 5 accounts? Whilst the app is somewhat unique, the rest of the data points are not. Hence lower acc trust score.

Not to play a devil’s advocate, but how reliable is your data? Having a person do things is easy to mistakenly do more or less at certain times and hard to track it. Just because it isn’t automated it doesn’t mean its not spammy. Sometimes good settings with multiple variables can beat a real person who’s a cheap VA clicking buttons randomly.

Mistake 3 and IMO is what killed your accounts. IG allows up to 5 accs on their app, just cuz your phone you bought allows 4x5 it doesn’t mean IG is happy or okay with it. Simplyhaving the accs without spamming might work and not die but considering each acc is being spammed even in the low numbers its enough for IG to shut it down.

Remember you are breaking the rules of their platform and your accounts are spamming regardless if its human or automation. The goal is to minimise the spam patterns and data points linking your accounts to extend their life as much as possible. And that’s what separates someone good vs someone new.

Mistake 2 - I struggle to understand what you mean here, but by the looks you set up 1 app and registered 5 accounts? Whilst the app is somewhat unique, the rest of the data points are not. Hence lower acc trust score.

By this I mean multiple users. Let me attach an image. I think Samsung phones don’t have it, but other brands like One Plus, Opposite etc got this feature.

It’s just like when you create a new user on windows. It has its own workspace etc.

its a deceiving feature and I would not use it. I suggest you to look into the amount of data points phones have when it comes to apps and you will realise why most people prefer EB nowadays for spamming. Install AppCloner and see how many options there are to change/spoof about the phone. For FB bots its super easy to identify if its the same phone even if you go out of your way to hide it with apps like App Cloner.

5 accounts can be run on the same instagram but only 5 can be made on that device for a period of time.

Ive been running 5 for years on the app with lots of phones with zero issues. Obviously 60 accounts is too much as he tried though.

So guys around 50% of the accounts went to phone verification and few of them ran smoothly after re-verifying. In few accounts I was not able to receive code on same number so have to use a new number but now 85% of the accounts are running fine and rest went in 24 hour review after asking for PV.

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What exactly is your setup? How many accounts per phone? How many numbers per phone? What app are you using?

I am not using these accounts as child accounts. I have hired few VA’s who do all the work they’re manually organically growing accounts. I want to make a network of pages to use for online marketing purposes in future.

Per phone I have 20 accounts and a total of 3 phones. In each phone I have 4 user profiles with 4 different instagram apps and each app holds 5 accounts.

Running 5 accounts per sim. When actions are done on 1 profile 4g ip is changed via airplane mode on off and profile Is changed and so on.

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Are you using an app to run that many accounts? Like appcloner etc?

The issue will be that instagram knows the device id. The location, the subnet of your ip. Plus a lot of other things. 5 accounts you are allowed but actions are limited more when more are on the phone.

No creating multiple users is an option given by company making the phone. It’s available in many phones, but best one is Google pixel. You won’t find that option in Samsung.

Here is a tutorial for multiple users

I don’t do much actions on them. Just 4-5 follows per hour 40-50 total in a day and 2-3 posts a day. I am planning for it for long term so taking it slow.

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Yeah doesn’t matter if you can create them. Its against terms and conditions. Try 5 per phone and see what happens.

Otherwise you will need an advanced setup with rooted phones, exposed, footprint and id changer etc. Which will probably require a developer to do for you.

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