New member - need help with IG automation :)

Hi there - I am a new member here but have been doing A LOT of reading and research on this forum.

I am well aware of the strict instagram rules and changes of 2019 with regards to automation. I know you can’t perform high quantities of actions without bans.

In my scenario - I am only looking to slowly grow my page in a geographic area. Slow and steady will be fine for me. I do some manual action myself already but a little bit of automation would lift a lot off my shoulders. I don’t have high needs.

Is there anything you guys can recommend? I’ve read good things on here about JV and looks potentially promising from the few things I’ve read about it?

Thank you!

*Edit - should also mention I only need to manage a single account and run MAC.

i dont think its worth paying for software + proxy to automate 1 account

if im being honest, manual is probably the best bet


is a proxy necessary for automating only 1 account?

No you can just use your home IP or your cellular phone connection if youre going manual :slightly_smiling_face:

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Has anyone heard of this company? And their method? I have found little info on them nor this story viewer tool in general. I am curious.