New method agressive


I have a travel account with approximately 10k followers.

So far the account has grown through organic growth, some Ads and manual FU.

I am thinking of looking for a more aggressive method to achieve better results.


  1. Buy 20 - 30 Instagram accounts and upload content similar to the main account.

  2. Start following 150-200 people a day with Jarvee.

  3. Start to manually follow with the main account those accounts that have followed back with the slave accounts.

I understand that with this method and without using a proxy, many slave accounts would be lost when burned, right?

I wait your advice.

Thank you!

If planning to run 20-30 slave accounts, good proxies are essential. Running 1 account per proxy would be ideal.

I am not sure you can check with people who know more here but I think following accounts on your slaves with your main could be a very high risk to the main being banned as it would link them. Usually people send a dm or put the mother account in the bio or run stories with mothers posts to drive traffic to the main. In terms of proxies you need 4g mobile proxy to mimic real life Instagram use these proxies are way more expensive than usual. Top moderators on here say use 2-3 accounts per proxy but I’ve seen 5 being most common and 10 recommended. These proxies are $45 each or higher occasionally I’ve seen cheaper but who knows of the quality. So the biggest problem is these proxies it’s your greatest expense but don’t do child accounts on the same proxy as your main id hate to see you lose it

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Thats almost what M/S is.
But i would recommend the following:
If you just use the message tool to send “Welcome DM’s” to the People that follow back you will not put your Main at risk and have the same Chance for them to follow your main (Since the DM’s will actually trigger notifications when they are a follower of yours)

Just a thought

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Sorry guays, but I think that I haven´t explained too good.

I´m thinking in automate 20-30 accounts without proxy. A few weeks later, I´ ll a follow the follow back of 20-30 accounts. I´ll do the follow manual from my mobile phone, so my main account will never be coneccted a Jarvee with other accounts.

After this steps, I´ll come back to buy 20-30 accounts and grow up, then I´ll do the follow manual from my mobile phone.

In short, I´ll do follow from my main account manual and also I´ll change frecuently the slaves accounts to avoid Instagram link my main accounts and the slaves account.

Do you understand what is my idea?


Hey. I got your idea. But automating 20-30 accounts will luckily last for a day or two (or even hours) without a proxy. IG is very strict when it comes to multiple accounts connected to single IP. So, I would recommend to use 1 dedicated proxy for every 10 slave accounts you are planning to run if you want to keep them for weeks or longer than that.

i agree with all answers above, it is impossible to run more than 2 accounts from one IP address (proxy), just get some low quality proxies for your scraper accounts and start them, don’t push them hard, set them to perform some random actions through your Jarvee (to make them look more human like), you have the tool for that on Jarvee, and use them for scraping

Even without doing anything, your accounts will get verification issues if you run all 20-30 accounts on the same IP. Also, you won’t be able to add more accounts since IG will block login coming from the same IP at some point. if you get blocked on some accounts via API, it’s possible that you won’t be able to use EB on those accounts as well because IG will show “please try again later” error on EB when you have too many accounts running on the same IP.

Okey. Thanks everyone.

Could you recommend me cheap proxy to buy it? I´d to try!


don’t use cheap proxies they will make things even worse, try to get some good quality proxies to use and see how it goes, make sure to to have max of 3 accounts per proxy.

We don’t recommend cheap proxies as they may be recycled and possibly the IPs are banned already. You can check out Public Marketplace - MP Social for possible providers.

Since those accounts are slave accounts, I would suggest you buy 4G mobile proxies. You can use up to 8 accounts on each 4G mobile proxy. There are plenty of 4G mobile proxies providers on #public-marketplace

how many followers are your slaves giving you per month with dms and bio mention?
i used to do few fanpages long ago but not tried them currently as i switched to facebook.

Which proxy provider do you use?