New method of account promotion in Instagram 2019 Ӏ INSTAMASKER 🤔

Hey! I took it from another forum if anyone tried or heard about this method?

Instagram promotional account at the expense of masks (filters)

One of the cases in Russia: 1.6 million subscribers in 7 months thanks to masks.

What is this?

Masks (Filters) on Instagram is a trend tool until 2019. To promote an account that can not be compared to mass conversion or mass increase of results or effects.

How it’s working?

  1. The user places the developed mask on his account

  2. All subscribers automatically see the new mask and can use it.

  3. To use the mask, the user must be subscribed.

  4. Anyone who uses your “PR” mask on your account, with each story the user will see the account login, other people will be able to go to it and sign up for it.

  5. If the person unsubscribes, the mask disappears, thus keeping the audience

Best cases in Russia:
3 2 1

There are several pages where you can buy masks.
On Google, you’ll find everything for sure.
But this is of course paid

This is probably a new method because the topic was on July 7.
Interesting :)…


One little thingy, I didn’t really understand what “Mask” is…
How do I see it? How does it looks like? Is it visual?


I could also post a link to YT, I forgot: D Thank you Brother <3…

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This is really cool!

About time Instagram rolled this out.

Snapchat has been super far ahead of them.


no problem, we are in this community to help us

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Remember, I will always love you!
Unless you pissed me off: D
I will kill: D LOL: D

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Brother it seems like IG is trying to gather all the popular options from different platform and is implementing them into their own solution.
This seems like a snapchat thing, the new group chat feature, a telegram, facebook, whatsapp thing.
They have already implemented video calls and next could be voice calls maybe?

But cool share. Thanks for heads up

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i bet you copy/past this article, because only russians use word “subscribers” reference to followers :stuck_out_tongue:


I wrote at the beginning that the topic from another forum :slight_smile: I do not hide anything.
Honey :slight_smile:
I see, forward, help :slight_smile:


his first sentence in the thread literally states that HE TOOK IT, and images are in Russian, talks about Russians but okay.

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So just to see if I understood…
Instagram profiles can make unique mask filters that only users that followed them can use, and if they’re unfollowed them the mask filters will disappear?
If so… Are you telling me I can get massive engagement through those filters?


Yeah but he literally copy/past the whole post (translated with google traslator) with the same grammer mistakes, without making effortrs to correct them or even make it more easier to understand.

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going to play with it and Possibly try it on a 500k. hmmm
Edit :getting Opengl 2.0 dll not found errors…ugg


What site / forum is that if you don’t mind me asking?

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I haven’t seen this on Instagram yet, is this only available to certain demographics at the moment?

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Tried to open it but ran into error win 10. Going to play with it this weekend


I still dont get the idea behind it… what would possibly cause growth because of the “masks” :man_facepalming:t2::see_no_evil:

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Been doing these for clients and accounts for about 8 months now lol It’s not as easy as it might look or “simple” rather.

Some Quick Facts:

  1. You have to submit for AR access (the waitlist is currently 7 months)
  2. You have to have a business manager account (facebook ads). Aged accounts / Big Ad Spends get you more closer to the front of the line
  3. You have to know pretty decent knowledge in; JavaScript, PHP, Cinema 4d, Maya, a compiler to begin to even do this
  4. You can NOT have any branding of any sort (they manually review AR filters) and will result in both IG account, Business Manager, and FB Profile deletion. (They’re very serious about this)
  5. You can ONLY put it on a personal account not a business page

It’s not as simple as that. You can’t just toss it up. There’s a 7month wait list for access. Then an approval Process.