New method to get accounts back

Good news guys, i tell you how i got my account back, that has 11.000 and got disabled

You all know that you have to send instagram a picture from your face with a code, i have do that but the account didnt got back, what i now do every time a good account gets banned, after trying it one time instagram told me that i cant get it back, cause it hurts the guidelines. What you now have to do is wait 2-3 days and request 4 mails from instagram on 4 different emails with 4 different names, now you send on every mail a code with your face and every picture has a different code. 2 of the mails unlocked my account, what I say with this is try many times with different names and different emails! :slight_smile: after 3-6 trys you get it back


This is what @HenryCooper has said previously. Send multiple requests in using different emails


Okay, didnt know it, props Henry

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Might have to give this a whirl!

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Thanks for sharing this, already read Henry’s post, dope!