New Mother/Slave Experiment

Hey everyone im debating on trying an experiment and wanted to know if any one has done something similar. I am thinking about making a new account that posts original content. Then hand make 100 accounts (same niche but not fan pages) and have them all follow that one account All 100 accounts will be liking its own feed posts so guaranteed the one “mother” account that never follow unfollows will always get 100% engagement from its followers. Theoretically this account should explode in growth and hit explore easily. Has anyone done anything similar?

on paper sounds good. two obstacles.

  1. if the page grows it will never have 100 percent ER.
  2. The biggest – those new accounts will no ‘power/punch’ to send to the explore pages unless they get a few k in size each.

nope… becuase it will have no growth or power to get on explore page if 100 little accounts do actions that won’t do anything.

Curious to know what @Alexnvo had said regarding that, since he knows about using accounts to engage with each other well.

But pretty sure the influence of the accounts that like a post are based on things like the trust score, size and niche relevance compared to the main account. (Edit: likely based purely on what @alexnvo wrote months ago!) If they’re just new accounts they won’t have any particularly big size or powerlike influence, I would imagine anyway. But go ahead and see what happens. I would just be more concerned on even getting 100 accounts running well and stable.

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of course i know my niche and already have 2 authority accounts in it that dont do any automation just content. That’s why i want to try and build this experiment and basically have more authority accounts. I know using my authority accounts to engage would obviously help but i swear that account is blessed by the instagram gods and dont wanna mess anything up lol

Let us know how it goes for you then :slight_smile:

Would you be liking the main account posts from datacenter proxies?

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possibly some looking for something else besides massproxy