New $$ Option : Instagram prototypes letting IGTV creators monetize with ads

Hey there !

According to Techcrunch, Instagram seems to plan to let creators earn money by showing advertisements along with their videos on IGTV.

Maybe a good time to think to grow accounts on igtv, using ugc/repost and then build a proper content producing strat based on the audience we have ?

Or to prepare to propose this service to clients ?

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I wonder if some day IGTV ads will be automated lmao… I guess for now you need to provide actual content manually.

Is it even possible to repost videos on igtv ?

I’ve only posted 3 original videos until now and with all three I had problems, music, blocks, content, Etc. I used free music and gave credit or I bought some. was pretty strict.

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As soon as your video is still available, this is not an issue.

The objective with repost is not to create value but to drive audience.
When you have enough audience to speak with, you can think to post your own content that will be monetized.

This is a really common YouTube strat.

i think even with repost ,compilation giving cradit… you can monetize but not sure

yes man its possible even now , like youtube automation sure you will not access monetization,stats… on the bot , but for scheduling…of course igtv can be possible to autoate with , for monetization part i think thee will be a need to access it through every account maybe an emed broswer with everyaccount can make it since i thik you can manage i on pc too