New personal account just for groups

I want to get off FB but remain in certain groups.
What is the best way to do this?
First instinct is to make a new profile, add my new profile to all of the groups, then get off the old profile.

You don’t want to use a FB account anymore but you still want to be a member of FB groups, I don’t get it?

Wouldn’t it be easier if you made an entirely new profile, then let the old one remain on the grps? It may be hard for you to get approved on some grps with the new profile…

Yes I find the groups help my productivity but everything else the account offers has little use to me.
Usually there is an automatic check for groups when a profile is brand new that rejects them joining groups?
And will FB kick up a fuss if they can link both accounts?

there’s no automatic check, but the admin can use the “join FB date” filter if they want to accept only old accounts.

I highly doubt they will do that.