NEW profile view limit

I believe it’s a daily profile view limit and not necessarily rate dependent. I may test limits soon, but curious if anyone else has any information

Looks like they’re finally changing the default “Please try again later” error message to actually be more specific when you’re rate limited, which I guess is a good thing instead of just hitting a blank white page for no reason.

Although I’d prefer they didn’t limit the ability to view profiles so aggressively, I’ve hit the original error page on my phone more times than I can count and I hardly do anything to make it happen.

When you hit the limit, how many profiles are you viewing?

The last time I hit this manually, I was going through my followings to find users to unfollow, it must have been above 25 in maybe 5 minutes, but couldn’t have been too much higher due to the amount of time it takes to physically do it rapid-fire.

My profile followings > click user > view profile > check their following list > unfollow if not following > back x2 or 3 to my followings, repeat.

Wish I had timed it. I’m sure other people have more scientific findings.

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This isn’t new, they just changed the wording.

It’s not daily either or hitting all accounts the same way.

You’ll get this more often if you’re running higher API actions (not necessarily visiting profiles).

It’s weird that I’m able to view profiles 20 min straight on my phone. So maybe it’s total number of clicks/requests.

Was this limit around last year? I don’t remember it being around.

I think it may be difficult for them to implement specific profile view blocks (your own profile versus other profiles), so there’s a global limit. They’re trying to shut down all growth that isn’t from ads