New PV / TL wave on IG?

2 hours ago, around 10 am my time (GMT‎+3‎), 3 main accounts (clients) got captcha followed by PV. we use JV.
This was hard PV (the account was not visible on Instagram), we immediately stopped all accounts activity and for now we are trying to figure out what’s going on.
all main accounts are running on my own private 4G proxies, we have zero issues for months now.
Any one here was hit by this also?

Everything fine for me. Maybe you’re running an old version of JV? Last version had problems with the follow tool.

You should consider to stop doing actions on main accounts at all and may change to M/S strategy.

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JV is updated, and unfortunately M/S is not an option, we have hundreds of clients accounts, and it’s not realistic to use M/S on so many accounts.

All running smoothly. Check your proxies.

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do you use API ?

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Everything is fine for me too…

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I am managing 100’s of accounts and have not been hit by it, check your proxies constantly.

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Yes, only API

Currently managing almost 200k accounts, no waves around. I think it’s more of a local issue in a setup, as I didn’t waves since a long time now


200k … Insane :smiley:

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Using jarvee? I don’t believe.

No, my own softwares, that I’ve been slowly improving over the last 3 years. No ad, I don’t sell anything :slight_smile: