New Reaction Instagram

Hey Guys!
I did not see this message myself but somebody sent it in a Telegram Group. Can any of you guys verify this or tell me if you have seen this as well?

I have not seen this either, maybe it is a new feature. Anyone else?

I received that pop-up yesterday in the app.

I’ve had this for a while and I’m not a fan. For one I never check my stories again unless I’m trying to see poll results.

Two, I used to be able to like their reactions when I saw it in my dms so there’s at least a bit of interaction, but it seems like I’m just ignoring them. Even if I see their reactions why rewatching my stories, there’s no way to like them as I did in the dms

not yet in my area as well, When IG is testing a new tool or option they start with a few countries then add more and more so if you don’t have that it’s probably your country.

Got it in Canada around a month ago

I haven’t received this kind of notification yet, but it doesn’t look bad.

Yeah, saw it on a certain % of child accounts aswell since a few weeks

Hi Hadi! sorry if I disturb this topic but I need to ask you for info on Jarvee in private. Is there any way I can contact you? thank you

Sent you a PM

We sometimes get those reactions here in Canada. But it’s just from a handful of people at random. Not very popular yet.

Here’s how it looks for me