New scrapers burn in less then 24h

Hey guys! yesterday i bought 15 scrapers for test from Check out Pr0ject1Store on Sellix
its not first time i buy from them… befor the price was even 0.15$ but the quality was alot better then now.
i bought for 0.35$ and they burn in 12HOURS!

I use PRIVET proxys - every 5 scrapers use 1 proxy.
I filter only profile pic + 30 day activity.
I run only 4 main accounts.

where is the problem? what im doing wrong?
thanks for help!

How many api calls per scrapper per day are you doing ?

Have you tried to reduce the number of scrapers per proxy? Can you show your profile advanced settings?

What kind of proxies are you using on those scrapers?

Try lowering the number of scrapers per proxy and lower your API calls and Delays limits.