New setup for automation accounts

So guys, here we have that the 6K limit is here and will stay but some of my accounts (new accounts) are blocked only starting… my tools?

follow max 10 people per hour and between 120 - 150 per day…

any of you know how to deal with this?


These blocks can happen not only because of settings, how they were created?

those are customer accounts, created manually by them, on their phones, haha.

Hm, are you running them on 4g proxies? Usually I don’t take client’s accounts if they are younger than 1 month

they are not that young, they are on highproxies, do you have a 4G proxy provider ?

Personally I use @HenryCooper’s 4G proxies, contact him through telegram or check for another sellers here on the forum. Highproxies are bad for client management, I wouldn’t recommend you to use them, at the same time they are quite expensive

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Why do you say highproxies are bad?

Because it’s overpriced datacenter proxy which is not suitable for clients management if you don’t want to have problems in the future. But I’m not forcing you to stop using them, it’s completely at your choice

Highproxies were the badest Datcenters I’ve ever had

whichone are you using now?

I’m using Henry Cooper Mobile Proxies

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And what is the price per proxy with him?

If I were you, I would go with local proxies, as there is a high chance that they are not used by anybody else.

Proxies sold here or in well known forums will be spammed to death and your accounts will be in danger.