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Hey guys, so I just saw this (WikiTribune)

‘The Anti-Facebook’: Wikipedia co-founder launches ad-free social media platform

What do you think about this? I really hope something new will come, Instagram is killing me with their bullshit.

Do you think this can be fast money maker for the owner or something that can really shake up things. It exploded in the last 24h, not so much users so far (around 250K). But it’s growing fast.

The thing is from what I saw you need to pay some monthly fee ($13) if you want to start using it instantly, if not, you get in some line, for me it says “You are number 190847 on the waiting list” :rofl::rofl:

Owner is Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales.


Seems like if you manage to sign up other people on the platform you have a better chance of “unlocking” several stuff on their website.

Isn’t the whole point of social media that it is free?

Yea if you invite people then you get access to the full page faster I guess. After you register I think you see only limited things on it.

Yea, I would never pay for any social media app just so I can run it, fuck that. Here you can like donate money so they don’t need to start ads and things like that. But I think that’s even worse, better make money from ads then taking it from random people.

Wont be big enough, and if it will ever big enough, Mark will buy them

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i am lookin to buy wikipedia account can anyone help me

Interwsitn social media platform