New strategy after making several mistakes

I have only one instagram account and it is my main source of income besides my blog.
So it is very important to me. I am in the beauty & fashion niche btw.

My GOALl is gaining female followers from my own country and other German speaking countries, so that I get “real” comments and Likes from people actually interested in my pictures & the products I promote for different brands.

CURRENT SITUATION: 50k followers, my engagement is ok and the amount of likes pretty much equals that of other german accounts in my niche.

Follow / unfollow & other stuff to gain followers quickly = result: a lot of ghost followers from other countries

MY SOLUTION (please tell me if that’s a good idea, or if I should try sth else):

  • Slowly blocking ghost followers (about 50 a day or so - I think about 2/3 of my followers are ghost followers, that’s why I can’t do it right now, there wouldn’t be any followers left :frowning: )
  • trying to follow / unfollow only german accounts
  • enganging more with my followers media and their comments
  • Use pods to push my media to gain followers (I hope to get to the suggested page with like rounds = a certain time where people like & comment your image within the first 10 minutes after posting it)

It that a good idea, or do you know something else which could help me to change my account into a growing account with good engagement?

Thanks a lot!

your strategy looks fine to me.

tip for german followers… this works for every country, at least for me:

  • find wedding dresses saloons, hair saloons and other female stores in Munich, Dortmund, Stuttgart… (you see where I’m going). You can find them on google. Get to their websites, find their IG profiles and follow their followers. They’re 99% females and from Germany.

Don’t go for followers of some big accounts that are known worldwide, you’ll attract people from other countries.


can you explain how we can do this ?

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Thanks a lot, that‘s a really good idea :slight_smile:

I use an app on my iphone, called „unfollow“. It allows me to identify ghost followers & inactive followers. Then I can block as many as I like (and instagram allows per hour).
I even have the possibility to add users I want to keep to a whitelist, so they don‘t get blocked by mistake.

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