New Temporary Block Wave?

Hey guys and girls, was wondering if anyone else is experiencing a TL wave as from today?
Personally got 5 accounts that were affected, pw changed and back to warm up phase for these accounts.
What about you?


Yep. I got 1 today. It was running on manual.

Are you using jv?

yes, indeed i do.

a few here and there nothing out of ordinary I would say in terms of % tho

I got 4 TL today after running the scrape tools, I don’t think there’s a TL wave, because the other scraper accounts are working fine.

thanx for your reply. good to know! how about your scrapers? are they dying fast on you?

EB or API? 13 chars

Felt a TL wave. Yesterday accounts were doing re-login without needing (religion out of the ordinary).

Haven’t actually noticed anything serious but I am on very low limits at the moment. What were your limits?

yes, I got a few I guess it’s that time again when IG is sweeping for suspicious stuff aggressively but it will be back to normal shortly.

got like 30/450
while the whole last week I got only 3.
it is firday IG make code changes…

What do you mean, by “wave”? Instagram just randomly decides to have stricter rules out of blue and then goes back to normal?

what activities are you doing with your accounts? how much action do you do per day?

f \ uf \ save posts around 130-150 actions per each of the above.

Nothing around here neither, sea flat & no waves

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what actions are you doing and how many of them daily? if you are following \ unfollowing are you executing both at the same time or separate the actions to different times?

basically yeah :grin: they go for a TL sprinter then they lossen up the restrection a bit and that happens every few months.

L/F/U up to 200 max. (like everyone), and timers aren’t fixed, no specific timing, so all actions can cross / or not cross :slight_smile:

thanx for sharing. yep, that’s what i thought.

are those clients or fakes/slave? 200 in total or for each tool?