New Tiktok link in bio

Hi Guys,

For those who were still wondering whether to move some efforts from Insta to Tiktok, this could help you make the move: You can now put a link on your Tiktok profile ! (need to update your app to the latest version)

I already got some clicks since yesterday mainly thanks to Jeffrey bot that is running and bring people on my profile. I didn’t see any statistic regarding the number of clicks in the analytics page though.

Enjoy !

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Can you add links just like instagram?

Any external web 2.0 link.
Without restriction like age, minimum amount of followers, etc.

For any account? Is it confirmed anywhere? Because i don’t seem to have in mine

Nvm, they actually did add links. Holy shit this is huge

not seeing how to add it. can someone show how? Is it rolled out to all accounts??

Not all accounts yet apparently

I deleted the app and reinstalled it and now have it on all my accounts that have over 10k followers

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Confirmed. This works.

just deleted and re downloaded tiktok on my phone but i’m not seeing any option to put a url in my bio…

It works for me on all accounts even one that only has 800 followers.

what about fresh account though?

i do not have this opportunity. 8k followers and tester!

They might be rolling it out slowly, like Instagram does with most of their features

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Definitely this. It seems like it is a random % of users.

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It’s available worldwide for DROID users.
Mostly available worldwide for iPhones. Just make sure you’re iOS is updated as well as TikTok updated to the latest version.

IF that doesn’t work, just signup for TikTok Beta Testers, and it’ll instantly have access =]

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Tired this didn’t receive link in bio.

Is there any minimal limit for followers to get link in bio ?
I switched into testers with two accs but I still can’t see this option (only add IG or YT link).

Join the beta test and it’ll activate it.

If not it’s a device issue. Seems to be rolling out slowly for a select few.

tried on two devices go for beta and still no link.

Hi Mark do you have an email, I have a question for you. Thanks