New to IG - Good follow back rate (40%) but no Link clicks


I am new to the IG Game. Warmed up accounts but get a lot disabled (50%). I only did follow/unfollow for a week, got about 40% follow back rate, but hardly any (almost 0) clicks on my Bio Urls. (Running 20 accounts). What can be wrong? Niche is Dating.

The link you entered might be the caused of your accounts getting disabled. What method are you using to enter the link on your bio?

First warming up - link in bio is entered about 5 days later - they are different tumblr blog links - one per ig account

I am guessing adding the URL early might have caused some trouble. I usually wait around a month to add the URL.

If you don’t mind me asking, what exactly are you doing with dating niche? Is it CPA or some affiliate program?

affiliate program. Yesterday I posted 5 images on each account and today all accounts need PV - instagram is crazy

how many follows you do per account and how old are your accounts ? i’m not an ig guru but got some knowlage after reading about ig for some time

One good way to increase link clicks is to use the DMs to start a conversation with your new followers.

I would suggest posting max 2 to 3 images per account per day, at least in the beginning. Also, if these are your first PVs for these accounts it’s nothing unusual.

accounts are about three weeks now - they have between 300 and 2000 followrs atm

i mean how much people you’re following per day per account ?

I started following 50 - 100 per day and MP increased by 20 every day until 500