New to the game. Looking for my "next step"

Hey all. Literally found this place yesterday and REALLY excited to follow future conversations.

So, I’m writing this to see if I’m on the right track, and what advice you’d all have for someone in my situation. Right now, my main course of action is u/f everyday, as well as like comments on various pages under my niche. I’m not using any 3rd party tools atm.

I have 2 accounts. One very small, but one relatively small - 3.6k, very engaged, lots of views and likes. My goal is to grow them and open an online store under my niche. I’d love to eventually have more than 2 accounts, but I don’t really understand proxies. I’m also very bad at tech, but I have strengths that I think can really make me succeed in this. And most importantly, I’m very willing to learn, and patient. I want this to be a long term thing.

But with that said, what books, articles, videos do you think I should look at? What next steps should someone with a small insta account with very good engagement take? Is there a good breakdown somewhere of how to get involved with multiple accounts utilizing tools to automate, and not get in trouble? My smaller account was already locked for utilizing a 3rd party tool, and that was only for a couple days! Insta is no joke.

Thanks any/all advice.

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Come back in 3 months or so, now you can only go crazy with all shit that’s going on :rofl:


oh boy… its probably the worst time to start ever

to give you some advice, make a lot of coffee, close yourself for a good month and crawl throught the forum


:joy: this gave me a good chuckle, thanks

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Yea, been doing a lot of reading. It seems like the best bet for me right now is to stick to what I’m doing. Automation has already screwed me once before. It’s the tech side of it that always gives me the most problems.

Set up your own 4g proxy, if you need a simple how to for non-tech people I can help you for free via DM.

When I started my business I thought having 2 accounts is too much, but as the time went by ig made me create an army. All I wanted was to reach my followers, but it was too much to ask for.


@PierreDOlain Take this man’s advice. Second this!

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That would be amazing. Dm me whenever is best for you.

Hey man! Can I DM you too for assistance on how to set up my own proxies?

Maybe a guide? :wink: @PierreDOlain

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Can you dm that?

read this thread How can I create my own 4G proxies?
but from my experience JV is being real annoying, even if one is using high quaility 4g proxies.
The best of my accounts are performing 40 likes/day
Not even 1 F/U

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you should look at the bible cause we all be praying right now LMAO


Looks like you’re red flagged.

This is my follow/day chart

I see a lot of people complaining about proxies or assuming blocks depend on them. Which is hard to tell, it may be a combination of multiple (other) reasons. I have been sticking with Henry’s proxies and they work well for me.

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