New Twitter bans? 1/5 of my accs suspended (FuF). Anyone else?

Something changed 2 nights ago.

I am running a custom bot I made and for over 3 years and everything worked just fine but for 2 nights ago seems like Twitter altered their algorithm and started flagging them down.

How about those of you who use bots like Jarvee etc.? Did you get some of your accounts suspended?

What proxies have you been using?

I had this last year i tried the same maximum settings like in Instagram 200/Day. That don’t work. So we reduce it unter 100 and now we have 0 issues and on Twitter u grow so much more faster with just -100 instead of Instagram with last year 200/day.

Reduce all Tools -100 and get better source.

Yes, got 1 account banned yesterday too. All others work fine. I have my own 4G proxy farm so I use mobile proxies to manage the accounts. As @Sephiroth stated above lower the daily action to 100 max is the way to go.

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@Sephiroth I already had it at below 100 for follow for over a year and up until now everything has been working just fine.

@vasi361 Was that one banned account on 4G proxies too?
I am trying to figure out what exactly has changed and which part needs to be improved, because its certainly not about amount of actions in my case - I already was doing below 100 follows daily.

@vasi361 @Sephiroth are you both using Jarvee?

Yes. That was on 4G proxy too. I use 15 accounts per 4G proxy. Maybe that’s the cause. I’ll try to lower the usage per 4G proxy to 10 accounts. I’m not using Jarvee. I use TwitterDub.

Yes JV and 1 Own Proxy for 1 Twitter Account.

Last year i also notice that the PM Tool cause issues. Especial if u don’t answer that PM’s. If you answer every day all PM there is no problem but if u don’t have time to answer Manually via EB of JV and random or with a lot of diversity that cause the biggest problem.

@vasi361 wow 15 Twitter accounts on 1 Proxy.

Sorry that are just my experience that don’t mean that the are right.

Yes. Some users run 20 accounts with one mobile proxy in shifts. I’ll lower to 10 accounts per 4G proxy.

well, not in my case my accounts are working fine but all of them are below 80 actions per day and I don’t use only F/UF, maybe that’s one of the issues, using only 2 tools will definitely make the account look un-natural, what is your setup exactly number of accounts per proxies …etc?