New Upcoming Proxy Provider Looking for BETA Testers

Hello all.

My agency will roll out in a few months a new service that will provide millions of IPs from thousands of countries around the world, with real mobile/residential devices.

We are going to charge 2USD per GB. Unlimited IPs and Rotation of IPs included. No monthly costs.

We are willing to give away vouchers for known members of the forum to test it as soon as it comes out.

Write down “interested” so I can add you to the list and we will contact ou in the future for a free 10GB trial run.

Giving away 20 vouchers for the launch in exchange for your honest review.

Interested !!!



why not. Interested

Good to see you have found something to use proxies on. Interested in testing!

Yes, finally. And it will be epic!

To be epic have to not be public even if you gonna have +500k public ips worldwide. Otherwise in less than 1 year they will be like the others namely iproyal.

Interested !!!

Nothing like iproyal. It is a new technology that we developed. We are even filing for a patent to safeguard our method and technology.

Also, no 2 different users will be using the same IP as you when you are using it. You can also lock the IP in place or rotate them as needed.

When can we test it ?

I would like to test it

As soon as our legal team finishes with the patenting papers. It may take 1-2 months still. But all the names are written down here, and I will get in touch with you guys as soon as we get a green light.

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We are spending 5 figures with major providers such as BrightData, Oxylabs etc. so we have a good understanding of what we want. I will be able to give you a honest review based on my experience.

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Sounds great!

Definitely Interested. I am networking engineer and I can test out your proxies and provide honest review for the service and also suggest you anything that I think you should implement.

interested !!!

interested 13chars

interested 13chars

count me in ­