New Update Daily Limit Bug?

Hey everyone, anyone getting a bug on daily limits after the update?

Im at 150-180 follows but it says daily limit reached at about 40
Times of work remains unchanged (14 hour work). I change the times, and it still gives me the same daily limits (the one with the *). Both Follow and Liking. Just one 1 of my accounts.

Anyone else seeing this?

update: sorry at about 80-90 now, it pushes pass but never seen a daily limit show up at about 50


Nope mate, already did almost daily limits.

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Same here. Hit a daily limit waaay lower than what it’s supposed to be. However after 1h the limit went away and everything’s back to normal now


Yeah it runs pass it the daily limit, but my actions/day doesnt get updated back to normal.

Maybe its supposed to say “hourly limit reached”?

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The same here.

Could be but I’m not sure. I woke up this morning with many “daily limit reached” at around 20/30 follows (limit was supposed to be at 120/180). Tried to switch on and off the follow tool and after 1h or so everything got back normal and now I don’t receive it anymore…
I don’t think it’s a hourly limit either based on my current limits

I think this is if your set limit/hour ist met.
In the next hour it will go away.

You can also increase your max limits per hour and it should go away or not come back.
Let me know if it helps.


Thanks - I thought so too (should be hourly limit reached)*

Ive never seen this before, probably because finally for once its reached within the hourly limit.


Yes I think it came with the last update :slight_smile:

this was happening to me at first. now it has progress into the tools all showing green, but not performing any actions, and a weird unfollow action block. Everything is still fine on mobile however. Anyone have any ideas to resolve this issue? settings were low and safe.

Unfollow blocks here also

I’m having several tools display the yellow “daily limit reached” symbol since 2 days, even when it has not been reached. I’m not sure if they’re still executing the actios despite the display, as I’m still hauling in the same amount of follows.
I’ve reporeted it, would be awesome if you guys could too.

This might be it.
Although it should display “hourly limit reached” instead of “daily limit reached”.
I guess we’ll see.

Yes it should.
Will most likely be updated soon to the correct wording.

Daily limited reached after 9 likes.


300 Per Day
50 Max Per Hour

Just cleared errors and should be good from there hopefully.

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Anyone performing likes and/or comments through EB with DC proxies? Does it work well?

how long you suspend tool when there is action block?

At the moment 60 - 180 minutes. What about you? :slight_smile:

Yup, seems to be hitting the *hourly limit instead of daily - just looks like wrong wording.