New update kills ig?

Facebook loses 20% (200 billion$+)doing an update, and all over the world people starting reporting 60-90% engagement drop hardcore seems like ig gonna be pay to play now ?I wonder how you guys effected by this

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Not everyone has been hit, but still, many.

We noticed a big increase of clients looking for grey/black hat solutions, that they never tried before.

Automated traffic / growth can’t be tamed by Instagram updates, so once more people have to rely on automation :man_shrugging:

Automation will kill your account for the long run, so I don’t really consider this as a solution

You don’t have to automate your account. I also don’t recommend it at all.
But you can automate the world around it :slight_smile:

Be creative and play it by the limits!


Agree. I think almost nobody is automating main accounts anymore

He’s referring to the mother child method he can’t say it directly because he’s a provider…

It was not related to an update but a statement about losing users at the platform. It should not be related to lowering engagement. I think golden times will come :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s an interesting debate. Automation on one hand will ‘kill’ your account, but what does that actually mean? Kill the natural growth and engagement that is usually terrible anyways because, well, the world is so saturated now that consumers are not just on IG anymore. Apps, streaming, games, other platforms, story only, etc.

If no one automated or influencer bullshit wasn’t a thing, then the world wouldn’t want growth or want verification, etc.

Society has put so much on growth and social proof that people want more and it’s virtually impossible for everyone to get more, so folks turn to the dark arts.

The more my company thrived, the more I realized how the world is so propped up on this bullshit.

It’s def not a solution, but it’s what the sheep want to do.


Honestly you are one of the smartest people in this forum all your posts are on point :ok_hand:

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I say get all fake shit inflate all your numbers for social proof and focus on TikTok add in some real followers too but dollar for dollar you can for free blow up TikTok send the traffic to Instagram and there you go.


Thank you. I wish I could spend more time here. Back in the day, this forum was where we all spent a lot of our time. I hope to once again spend some more time and give any value I can.

I will leave everyone with this; educate your clients. Get through to them that quality and quantity growth does not exist. Fight back against what society is telling clients - grow, grow grow! Because you can’t have both quantity and quality. Choose one.

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Make it your clients responsibility to create quality promotable content

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Perfectly concluded.

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Facebook’s market cap drop is actually also related to the fact that for the first time ever, its user base didn’t grow or active daily user base and that has always been one of the driving factors. From that I see two things happening, Fb/IG etc will try to get new revenue streams through other means (difficult to achieve in the short-term) and they will potentially be less strict in banning potentially fake accounts as ironically this would increase their user base again…

Yes, totally agreed.

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I agree with you big M! BUT you know that everyone can’t do that. Someone is always better. I would say content may not even matter much more because people are just bored and being pulled in a million directions. How many times can you see a selfie or an influencers drinking tea with an elephant? I think the best content is content that solves a problem. In the health / wellness field influencers are crushing it because they know the problem and they solve it with information.


Zuckerberg rekt

Spam and Milk IG until it dies in a few years in my opinion :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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