New Update Problem (Sources)

Hey guys, new update from J, wondering if anyone experience similar problems?

Everything working fine but after the update, Ive been getting “no more results found” on ALL accounts.
Some have over 140 sources which makes no sense. Filters are also very moderate too. I’m trying to test our old forum threads on this sources issue, but wondering if anyone is getting after the 8th?

Anyone else get this issue as well, thanks?


Getting the same error

Sorry found out - I enabled ONLY USE EMBEDDED in profiles. Scraping needs api, I turned off the ONLY and everything is working fine again. Guess if it aint broke dont fix it. Hope this helps!

Probably need to relogin API.

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Be sure to unchecked this option. So now you can scrape via api but do all’ the action via EB (if you have enabled it).



Anyone know how to get the only use eb (do not use api) function to work properly? It says it will auto select other account that’s login to api to do the scraping. But how does that work?

Hey scrapers and let them get Specify users to follow.

If you only use the EB a lot of tools and functionality won’t work

I think it picks a random account.

How about the follow source? Do I just need to set the follow source in the main account? Thanks

Correct :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:


It shouldn’t be made possible to check two options which effectively cancel each other out. Jarvee needs to sort out issues like these.

Agreed. JV is in a bit of a state of flux at the moment - lots of updates coming out with features put in fairly hurriedly to try to give us a working solution, but not necessarily fully thought through.

It’s a difficult time to try to confirm what is and isn’t working!

Hopefully a more complete update will come soon with the process fully mapped out and working.

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