[NEW] Verification Loop - Instagram Account Creation

I have tried it with my personal PC and VPS but the result is the same regardless of proxy type (dedicated, static, private, public, 4G, etc.) or supplier, I will almost always get this message to ad a phone number to “get back into Instagram” which indicates that I have already been logged in, which is something I should not see when I am supposed to be a different person/pc. I’ve never seen this message before. It all started about 2-4 days ago and I am using the PVA creator by whitehatbox. I have already spoken to several support teams (PVA creator and proxy suppliers). But they either blame the proxies (even their official partners), PVA creator or Instagram.

If any of you know how to fix this or has created accounts very recently. Please let me know


after you add the number and send the confirmation what happens next? Do the codes never arrive?

I’ve created accounts recently using Jarvee IG Create Accounts tool (PVA), and I don’t get that verification message. When exactly did you get that issue? Did to log in to the newly created account on a different browser using a different IP? I’m not familiar with the bot you’re using.

The codes arrive, but this message comes after that and then a 24 review (also known as account deletion, at least for most accounts).

I could now “resolve” the issue. I still am not exactly sure why it happened, but it now works again. Thanks for your comment Ossi.

Have you tried with different phone provider?

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yeah I know, most accounts get removed after that, there must be something in common here that causes this issue, something that you keep doing over and over again that makes IG see those accounts as one.

Yeah, there is prolly some kind of a pattern there and you need to figure out what is it exactly.


Honestly it just kind of worked. I am still not sure what caused it but it was a problem for about 2-4 days.