New way to grow instagram! 2019


Yeah, when you plan to grow really big a few bucks spend in brand awareness is worth it. For the longterm results. Brands which are doing that mainly focus on the backend of their business which is actually great.


What results did you experienced with that in the past?


I like to try things, so I just ordered 10.000 stickers and gathered a few people that’re going to place them all away round. Will let you know how the conversion rate is :smiley:


I am also planning to do this in the upcoming month to grow personal account. Planning to order 100,000 custom stickers from China. Then, hiring few dozen people from USA (in main cities, such as New York, Las Vegas, etc…) so they could leave the stickers on the busses, cafes (Starbucks), and stick them on the cars (probably pay the car owners) :slight_smile: Good luck on your journey!


Thanks mate, wish you good luck too :smiley:


I love you for this. Would be really awesome to hear how it goes if you try it out!

What I’m curious about is the effect vs cost of this. 100 000 stickers can’t be that cheap, even from china. Also hiring people to place them will cost quite a bit, since there are so many. Wouldn’t it be better to just spend time and money on a clever ad or two?


You know, once the sticker is placed, marketing of the account will end up once all stickers will be destroyed by someone, and that is impossible :smiley:


Haha true. I mean you’ll be getting a stream of followers for year and years. I applaud you for your braveness, we need more daring souls like you.


Thank you for your support :slight_smile:
hahah, i think my old samsung s5 would crash due to ig notifs :smiley:


Just ask @xaos to place them for you, he works for free and when it comes to shit in toilets, he’s your guy, no diggity! :stuck_out_tongue: