New way to grow instagram! 2019

Hope everyone is doing great and had nice holidays! :slight_smile:

As the new year comes up I wanted to share a new tactic to grow in 2019:

“Instagram recently introduced a feature called Nametags. This offers new un-thought-of possibilities for businesses and influencers alike.”

Step 1: Create Nametag
Step 2: Look for Hotspots
Step 3: Print out Nametag Stickers (1.1 inch x 3.3 inch recommended)

Pricetag for 10.000 Stickers is apprx. 0,15$ per Sticker = 1500$

With 10.000 stickers in appropriate locations (McDo, Restaurant Toilets) you can maximize your reach and daily impressions!!

If you still think this post is serious, I’m telling you now it’s not.

Thank you MPsocial community and keep on grinding, happy new year! :smiley::wave::clinking_glasses::partying_face:


Since the title says “proof”, where is the proof? :rofl:



Old Skull Clickbait Never Dies

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Proof as in Bullet-Proof :crazy_face:

@losek What does old skull mean? xD

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This could really work and maybe you get in the Newspaper because who would do it.

Some would call it crazy, I would ask is it crazy enough?

Let’s do it!

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in the toilet that he mentioned, you must find it

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Proof it was done.


Thanks for putting it there for me, couldn’t have done it better myself :joy:


Your welcome bud, I seen it over on 7th and ann rd. - at the mac donals by panda express.


That’s nice @xaos !

Bonus points if you have an account related to the area


After reading the title I thought “why is this not in the instagram section”. I know the answer after reading the topic though :smiley:


Very exotic way to go viral
Lets build a course around the strategy called “six figure on toilet”


Just found a use for that roll of 1000 labels that came with my Dymo printer!
Now to visit London’s finest facilities and spread the word…


Oh boy I’d love to gather data for the conversion rate section here.

“Turns out the sheer surprise of putting the sticker onto people’s food resulted in an incredible 53% conversion rate! Taking over the lead from stickers on toilet paper by a whooping 13%!!”

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I don’t think it’s a bad idea, but I don’t know how you could look more thirsty than putting 1,000 stickers up around town.

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For example, I used to intern for clothing brand Hurley when they first started. One of the tactics was to put a stack of Hurley stickers at the bus stops in front of high schools right before school got out. We would put stacks of 20 or so all around the bus stop with a rock on them so they wouldn’t fly away. We did this every week at different schools in our area for a long time, the whole team probably covered hundreds of schools across the country.


for the babes niche stickers on toilet could really do their job :thinking:

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For a clothing brand, lets say which is very streetwear based, this could work well. Especially if the target audience is younger (highschool, students, etc). In my city there is one town area which is highly student based with a lot of bars. All the toilets are full of stickers, tags and graffiti. But especially then, even if the people are very present and looking on this stuff, it is very hard to stand out.

That’s why I think this idea was genius. You’re getting the kids right off campus (but not going on campus) and standing out in that these are free stickers. I think they Hurley marketing people didn’t really care about conversions, but just getting all these kids familiar with their logo and giving them stickers to put up in their room, on their binders, etc. They were just launching and needed to get the logo out for brand awareness.