New way to hide links in Instagram profile!

I couldn’t resist sharing this :slight_smile:

Mod: Deleted the picture as it have nudity. Please don’t post nude images in the forum as some other users don’t like seeing stuff like that.

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Good luck not getting banned :smiley:

This was a new follower on my personal Instagram account. It’s not my initiative… I think this profile will be banned in some hours. But even than she will probably reach somewhere between 500 and 1000 users ?

nice but use just a sexy rack insted of nude

Censore the breasts and ask people to visit the link to unlock it.

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This acc wil be banned in max 48hours.
If he had censored the nipples there was no problem :wink:


Thanks for sharing this educational material

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Happy to see people helping each other, Good Going guys make this community a better place.

officially the best giff on the planet—fact

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Though if enough people report it with censored nipples, they’ll still remove it, which is sad.

Her account is still up. She got only 2 followers. But I am curious how many people went to that website.

I just made it my homepage :joy:

Only joking, I would never give them clicks.

hahaha lol im dead :joy:

Either the photoshop skills are pretty good or he used fiverr. Well it doesnt really matter how long these accs last anyway, it was most likely one of the test accs im sure he has plenty of variations.

Can you send this in pm? I am curious what was this. :smiley:

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It was a picture of a girl. She was almost naked. The link was written on her breasts :wink:

I do not have this picture anymore. I usually do not save pictures of naked girls on my hdd.

I have a few big adult accs. I receive many DMs from hot girls. They sended me 7x hot pic with paper in her hand with my @accname
They are very happy dunno maybe they feel like they are famous. And more important my followers are happy more likes+.

And yes also naked weird mens😞 Via DM.

Next time i will try to ask this🙏


You get DM’s from hot girls ? I think I am making the wrong kind of accounts, because I never got this.

Much lonely men out there, :joy: :joy: i create sexy account, and i got 10-15 DM everyday. If we send Dm for every new followers with our link, and build thousand of account like sexy account. Did you think it can give you ton of traffic? Just curious, :joy: