🔥 New way to promote CPA offers

Hi there guys :blush:

Here’s a new method for promoting CPA offers on IG if you don’t want to use links

So the main idea is to get yourself a short code number or a long code one from an SMS Gateway (short numbers work best!) and install a keyword along with an auto-responder.

Here’s an example:

I’ve been promoting CPA offers so my BIO would look like this:

Text AMAZON to 12345 to get a free $100 Amazon Gift Card

People would text the number, and your auto-responder will come into action and reply like:

Thanks for your interest! You can apply for a $100 Amazon Gift Card here: http://yourlink.com

This way you can stop using links that get banned

I suggest https://twilio.com if you want to get a long number

As for the shortcode numbers, you can either get a shared one or buy a dedicated one (around $1k per month)

Shared shortcode providers for the US:

You may find shared shortcode providers in other countries too.


Great Idea there,which CPA offer are you promoting?

Pm me man,I have a lot to talk with you.

Very smart workaround. Much appreciated for the share!

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This is genius :wink:

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Tell me how it works for you guys if you try it :grin:

this is pretty good method tbh, only negative side is that we loose logically traffic more than with a linkinbio , since it require more efforts by the users so many can just follow back… and not do it , but still solid tho

this way are working ?

Didn’t think at this so the idea seem very good. I will see how work in real word