New ways of Automating?

Which one? (13 chars)

fiber isnt good in long term, and those high number 200 follows need huge amount of timea,
Trust me I ran 70 mobiles, each with 1-2 account per device only 4G connection and there is block on daily basis. We even need to mix lots of manual down the road to keep them from the block and AC. Now I dont use fiber anymore, due to amount of ABs, ACs as well as crashes frequency down the road of automate. I now used private solutions that mix actions more natural as well as more of manual works from my employees.

Could you Send me a private message about exploring some of these solutions you have found?

whichever one refers to fibergram use

Can anyone tell me how to get Fibergram again?

I downloaded and set it up almost a year ago but seems the links / setup instructions are gone?


It’s on the ‘automate app community’ in llamalab

I went in there but when I search nothing shows up :frowning: @Jop

Perhaps it’s gone?

It was discontinued a long time ago. Because of the MPG25 API lawsuit the inventor of fiber gram got cold feet

Anyone know of any similar alternatives?

There is no alternative to fibergram, only custom built phone automations but once you get it together, you see the benefits

Where can I get those?

They are not spread on forums, you can buy them directly from phone auto providers, if anyone will be willing to sell you one.

However all is made on the same platform as fibergram was made? I remember the marketplace having some bits and pieces, some working some not @DonPapo

Hell nah, its all different currently. At least in my case.