Newb - Starting Instagram with CPA

Hello MP people.

I am newbie in this area and i read more and more and i start with 4 accounts. I create and verifiy this account and start with a free bot and grow the accounts a little bit (500 followers) each. I put the link in BIO. I put a Landing page from OGADS and i create a blogspot free site witch redirect to my ogads link (shorting with

On site and i have some clicks, arround 20 each account, but on ogads, no click.
What can i do more? I don’t have enough money now on paypal to buy massplanner, i want to test with 0$ this method.


MP has 5 days trial, you can use it, maybe you’ll be able to earn those $10 for monthly license.

About your links, try opening your link from IG app, see will you be redirected to LP.

Yes, i’m redirected to LP, it’s not this a problem.

Thanks for advice.

Then find something to make money first. Like a job.


Or boost your numbers manually. I got my first 7 or 8k follower manually. Yep, I was totally ignorant of this whole world so I ground at it. It can be done if you really have no money. But then again, what’s yours time worth to you? :upside_down_face:

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So, you told me if i have more followers can be some clicks? I don’t post here for money, i post here for some advice how to have some clicks, because i have 0 on ogads.

In short, this is a numbers game. You need more accounts and more follow actions to get ppl to click, and the more conversion you will see.

Conversion-wise, it depends on a lot of factor. Firstly, you may have too many levels of redirect.

Goog > Blogspot > OGads.

Don’t forget IG itself is a redirect. IG > Goog > Blogspot > OGads.

Then, on blogspot, it has country level redirect.

If the final destination number is equal to the goog link stats, then its all about optimizing the LP. But for 20 clicks to link, it’s not enough.

Thanks for reply.

What you think is better with this redirect? To put blogspot link on instagram or how to make it?



I have 44 clicks in last 2 days on my blogspot and on OGADS only one click from India. Why can be this problem?


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the problem could be

  1. (most likely) Your content/website seems very unreal and amature so after visiting your page people think it’s too sketchy and runs off , btw i’m considering myself bad at English but your skills are the worst (no hard feelings)
    if you created your LP with bunch of mistakes it could also make people think What the fu is this shit ? and run away.
  2. People don’t like the fact they have to install an app , if you did not know after you click in and visit ogads locker it doesnt show a click , it will only count as click if someone actually clicks an app or offer.

Thanks for reply.

1.How you think i can make it more real? It’s a LP from OGADS and it’s looks ok and not so amature.
2. How i can make people to install it? Haha

the second i dont know , what offer it is on ogads that you’re promoting ?

btw if you’re from india that one click might be your own :smiley:

No, i’m from romania, it’s not mine :smiley:

It give what offer ogads have for different country, now i try to complete and ask me for send a sms to install a application =D

hmm , i dunno maybe someone more expierienced could tell you more about it. It might be various reasons , maybe something that you’re offering doesn’t look good enough and people just click just of pure intrest. Maybe it’s because of saturation of a niche , as i mentioned maybe it’s the landing page itself. Like i dont even know what you’re doing so i cant rly help you. If u dont mind u can pm me your insta so i could MAYBE give you an advise.