Newbie :- Few questions before signing upto MP for posting on Facebook

Okay , I have fairly simple needs…I would like to post wanted ads in “For Sale” groups , mostly local to me , around 50 or so .

But ideally I would like to post say twice a day once in the morning , then around 7pm when people are home…

I was thinking though…perhaps I only ever need to post 1 ad in each of the "For Sale " groups ever ! then just keep bumping it…twice a day , or more often at weekends.

But does bumping work with the method of “Like then Unlike” ? using a different account ? will it bump it up on the like , then stay at the top if it is quickly unliked , so that it can be liked and unliked many times ?

As long as I am up near the top of the “For Sale” postings I would be happy rather than to spam it every day…BUT equally happy to post everyday twice a day .

If I intend to post a ad or bump it every day , can I just setup one routine that is executed every day rather than plan it every day for a week…so kind of like a auto repeat ,with some random slight time differences.

With me posting to For sale groups I find they do no mind people posting wanted ads / offering services that kind of thing.

I Ideally want to build up a local presence with my local area.

Help and advice please

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Leaving a comment would be the best way to bump your post.

Instead of deleting the bump, add to it maybe add more pictures or further information.

Engagement on the post to the For sale Group will be more effective even if you leave a comment saying nice or how much this way you can have conversations with yourself on other profiles thus giving you engagement on the post and bumping it without getting into trouble with admin moaning that you are bumping every half hour or so.

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You can use a standard campaign to post twice a day on all the groups you selected in your destination list and as @JasonUK said you can either use the bump tool to automatically comment and delete comments or add extra useful informations.

You can read more about the bump tool here:

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Thank you both for been so quick and kind in replying to my post.

I am looking for as much automation as possible , with a set it up and let it continue doing its thing , but if real people commented on my “wanted ads” I would engage every time as it would be a lead etc to go into P.M or similar.

I kind of like the stealthy idea of bumping , for example if it was “bumped and unbumped” from a 2nd account say 4 times a day once in the morning , once at say lunch time , then 6pm then perhaps again at 9pm.

Would the bumping in say 50 local for sale groups 4 times a day , create a flag on Facebook ? are bumps not such a big sin as reposting every day ?

You mentioned you can post twice a day on all groups in a standard campaign is that the limited per day for standard account ?

Just had a quick read through the Bump module , sounds interesting , is there a like then unlike Bump option…

If the a like is removed , then the same person/account re-likes it say 1 hour later , would it bump it back up ?

Does a Liked then Unliked post stay bumped ?

Just don’t over do it and use spintext in your comment and everything should be okay.

No there’s no limit for posting from our end, you can post as much as you like but Facebook might temporary block you from posting if you over do it. 10 - 20 posts per day per account should be alright.[quote=“justwondering, post:6, topic:4148”]
is there a like then unlike Bump option…

No, there isn’t one.

I guess you should give it a try manually and see if it bumps it or not.

Thank you for your replies , if the Like then Unlike bumps a post , would it be worth adding it to the bump module as it sounds like a good function if it works in practice …

With the bumping , do comments not count the same as a post in Facebook eyes ? is a comment the best way to go ? or is a comment just as spammy as a fresh post ?

Should the comment be coming from the original posting account ? or comment from another account to bump it up…

Just trying to get to grips with the best practices and to start off on the right foot.