Newbie grows fanpage from 0-4000 in 7 days

Hi Guys,

Being a newbie at this I hope my insights are helpful to others.

I have been seriously studying facebook marketing and currently have this page.

The way I built up the audience engagement is

  1. first get 1000 likes at $0.05 per like with facebook advertisement

  2. use tools like mpsocial to mass join groups that are related to my niche.
    Once in, I start engaging MANUALLY. Many groups have strict rules about what can and cannot be posted.

  3. I analyse the groups I am in and see what posts the people like

  4. I go out and create the content. Emulate. So eg if there is a quote that gets lots of like and it is 300 days old then I go find a new image and quote with the website branded and post to the group. This way I know it has been liked and will likely have a chance to then be liked more.

  5. rinse and repeat with as many groups as you like

Bonus method for for growing your page.

Repeat the above process for fanpages. The difference is that you do it in commenting as many fanpages don’t automatically allow post.

So learn the culture of the pages you are visiting, watch what others do and then experiment.

I know these are basic and can be time intensive but the payoff is great longer term and you won’t get put in facebook jail or offend other people.

Bonus bonus technique

Reach out to influencers, i.e fanpage owners or group owners and start a conversation.

Thank them for their time and effort (it takes lots to keep a group going)

Then politely ask if they would be interested in giving feedback on your page. Note: this is not asking them to promote your page.

It is a very subtle difference, one they look at your page and suggest changes, make them, then go back and see what they say.

If you do a good job with their suggestion they will like it and then you can ask for the promotion.

But wait there is more!

Bonus x 4 method in getting more exposure to your fanpages

Notice how the top method was in bullet point and it was much easier to read?

Here is what you do

Experiment with bullets
formatting makes a huge difference in engagement
always keep the readers perspective in mind
Hope that was helpful! I’m excited

“I’m in for the Giveaway”


do we really?:smiley:
nice share,the part about posting previously liked pictures make sense :slight_smile:

Hi Florin22xxl,

Well I am a newbie, if there was a way to automate this and get the same results I would love to learn how.

Thanks for the share @superman and good luck with the giveaway. As for manually doing it, yes it’s good to do that at first to get the hang of it, to understand what to look for and to know the groups you’re posting to, however at one point you need to automate this and do something else with your time :slight_smile: For automation check mass planner, you can schedule posts in groups so you don’t need to do it manually anymore.

Awesome post, thanks!

Is there a way in MP to like/join/post on FB as a page or group, instead of as the account holder?

I have several pages on my FB, for different niches. I would like to post/like/join as specific pages in different MP campaigns.

Thanks! @Johnny @Adnan or anyone :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, Facebook doesn’t allow pages or groups to interact with groups. However, you can share posts from your pages to groups. This way your posts will get higher reach and your Facebook pages will get new fans.


With all due respect, your Think Like Superman page gets very, very little interaction whatsoever, with only a couple of likes per post. I personally don’t see the use in having fans that don’t interact with my content. It makes the followers immediately look like fake or bot accounts to me. Like when I see someone with 50k followers on Instagram but only 187 likes on a picture of a gorgeous woman, fake fake fake

I’m not saying your followers are fakes or bots, but that they aren’t very useful if they don’t engage with your pages content.

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Possibly, but with FB throttling organic reach, even pages with much more impressive metrics struggle for engagement. Overall, I think @superman’s post was useful and informative. I particularly like - and agree with - the approach suggested of joining groups, finding out what works, and emulating. Certainly a better approach than simply joining large groups and spamming them with irrelevant posts.

Moreover, I hope he/she is still pushing on strong. I think the vertical they’re operating in is ripe for growth and, with continued effort, could do really well.

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Thanks superman

Iam just wondering whats your target market.

When i look at the stats, about 70% of your followers are from the Phillipines, 15% from Indonesia and 10% from the US.

So 5 cent like clicks looks a bit expensive to me. In these regions you should get like clicks for 1 cents or even less.

But 4000 likes is a really good start to build on. From my experience, things start picking up after 10k, 50k and 100k

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Thnaks for sharing with us, but as I see you got 4800 likes on you page, but your lasts posts got only 1-5 likes…

Ever considered you’ve been targeting click farms? Or something similar? Because I really wonder if Facebook is such a sob that they’d show your posts to so few people that only 0-3 people like your posts each time you post them …