Newbie help for personal Instagram growth

Hello guys!
This is my first post so please don’t be hard on me. I have just created a personal Instagram account a day ago. I currently have 2 posts and followers in the double digit range.

I have spent the past few hours reading various threads on this forum and I am planning to use Jarvee to help me grow my audience.

From the posts that I see here, most of them are targeted towards individuals who use automation for their multiple clients. I want to mention that I want to focus on my account only.

So I would appreciate if you guys could guide me in the right direction and clear the following doubts:

1)Do I need a proxy for a single account?
2)Would mother/slave accounts help me in any way?
3)Do I need a 4G connection or my broadband would do the job?

Any other tips would be really helpful!

Thanks in advance:)

Hi and welcome!

If you run JV on your PC at home then you don’t need a proxy.
Mother slave is not easy to run these days and is very expensive.
Your broadband connection is the best.

Good luck.

1)Do I need a proxy for a single account?
It depends on how many people share your connection and use it to do actions on instagram.
2)Would mother/slave accounts help me in any way?
It would, but it would be very expensive.
3)Do I need a 4G connection or my broadband would do the job?
Mobile proxies are the best but residential could do the job. It depends on your planned growth strategies and how aggressive you are with them.

What you need to do is go try on some other app, instagram is fucked up and it’s worst time to start anything there, especially if you have no idea what you are doing

Buy an aged account in your niche with at least 1000 to 10K followers. Starting from scratch is brutal.

Also, now is not the time to be getting into growth. Actually, it’s probably one of the worst times.

Tik Tok may be an option for you.

Thanks for the advice, but I’m planning to upload my personal pictures(Modelling niche). Wouldn’t that look shady on an Instagram account that is bought from fame swap? I want to know if people have done it in the past successfully, like buying an account and then uploading their own pics without getting reported/banned from insta

tiktok i think now is a must for all of us who want fully growth

I keep hearing about tik tok but I don’t see anyone else in my niche doing it and tbh I don’t want to look like a weirdo as it’s full of kids on there. But I want to grow my account. Is there any ways of growing a man account on insta in 2020??

I mean tiktok can have its use besides lipsyncing and doing weird dances – an user in this forum got 1M followers in a month, look for his thread in the TikTok section. As for your instagram inquiry – too broad of a question.

Yeah I keep hearing a lot about tik tok I think I may have to get into it :100:

Best place to find aged accounts for sale?

That’s totally wrong. Go on to a tiktok account such as a business… Like this smiledirect and you’ll see thousands of middle aged people!

To add to this, celebs of all kinds are on Tiktok.

Get at it!

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hi and welcome,
I recommend to do daily activities for a while before connecting your account to any bot. post at least 2 times a day, add stories, f/u manually a bit, and then connect your account.
it will prevent your account from getting disabled or banned.

Yeah I understand but nobody in my niche is using it s I can’t see how i will i will use it as I don’t want to make lo synced videos it’s a bit cringing for an adult just not my thing maybe it’s just me but I suprpose don’t knock it until u try it but how else can it be used for a dj?

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Ok thanks for your input maybe I’ll leave my account for w few days and let it build and grow naturally before I re connect it
To q service it was working great untill like 2 days ago but then again I haven’t posted in a few days cheers

What would you say is an ok time for “warming up”?

Say starting at 4 followers a day and slowly going up 2-3 per day?

I am doing this on my 1 personal account. Been 4 days. Only follows. I want add liking as well. I was going to do the same. Only 2-3 likes first day and 2-3 more per day.

I don’t mind a slow growth


warm up is a myth, do an a / b test, one account warm up and another account not warm up.
in this test use accounts that you don’t mind losing. (Google Translate)

Please don’t say things like that. Warm-up is necessary.

If you think the opposite, i invite you to create a new account, and follow 200 users, and try to unfollow them back before the day is over.

–> :no_entry:

Warm up time seems to depend on may things including the age and ‘trust score’ of the account.
I would suggest a week at less than 5 follows per day then increase slowly after that. For me this just gets the account working, even if you have been getting blocks after 1 follow and taken a few days off.

Can’t tell you how many to increase as this seems to change on a weekly basis. Just take it steady and don’t think you have done something wrong when you get blocked, that’s just the game now.