Newbie here, a bit confused

Hello everyone, this is my first post.
I randomly found this forum yesterday looking for information. I spent all night reading loads of threads, gettin good info, info that I haven’t seen anywhere.

What I’m confused about is that the main plan people seem to have here is to build a lot of instagram accounts right? And then monetize them…

I was looking just to build 2 instagram accounts, but I want them to be Huge. I will tell you my strategy and please tell me if I’m on the right way. For the first account (niche page) which I opened a week ago, I was doing the typical follow/unfollow and engagement groups…I was going pretty well (1.3K and 30% engagement) until 2 days ago it slowed down like hell, went from 150 follows a day average to almost 0. I plan on getting the Jarvee and let it run to grow like a pig, good idea?

For the second account (fashion Store) I plan on doing the Same (Jarvee+Engagement Groups) and also Shitloads of Influencers Promotions, and GiveAways…I’m looking for the long term not the get-rich-quick thing, I want to build something really big, don’t care if it takes a couple years with 0 gains as long as it is going the right way.
Thank You for reading I appreciate it very much.


Welcome to MPsocial

Sounds like you already have a good plan. If you get any bot, don’t stop on 1-2 accounts. Scale it up, make sure you have more, just in case you lose some accounts while growing.


There’s a lot of risk about losing an account? I mean, it is very possible?

Hi Papadopoulus, welcome to the forum, you have come to the right place.

I plan on getting the Jarvee and let it run to grow like a pig, good idea?

Jarvee is excellent for growing and managing your accounts, I recommend it and I think that sentiment is pretty much unanimous on this forum.

There’s a lot of risk about losing an account? I mean, it is very possible?

If you look at how many people are complaining online about their accounts getting banned, I would say yes, there’s a lot of risk.

In the past and up till now, you can usually get your account unbanned if you play it right, but there is no guarantee that that will always be the case in the future, or that you will be able to get your specific account unbanned in the time-frame you desire.

But lets say you have two big accounts. 1 gets banned… 50% of your income is gone and that is very strtessfull… whereas if you have 10 accounts and 1 is banned, that’s just 10% of your income.You will probably soon find out that Instagram is very finiky with many ups and downs and always in motion, unpredictable things happen. As long as you are on someones else’s free platform, nothing is guaranteed to you.

Furthermore, If you know how to grow 2 accounts you know how to grow more of them, so it makes sense to most people to do so.

At the end of the day it depends on what your goals are and what you want out of it. If you have interests outside of Instagram marketing and just want to promote your hobby/endeavour using one or two big accounts and maybe even make some decent cash on the side, there is nothing wrong with that, that can be done. But if you want to hustle and make max cash on IG, I think there are better ways than building just two big accounts.


Also, beyond the risk of losing them and then wisdom of having backups, there is some good strategic efficiency to having many accounts. If you’re doing a Fashion store, whilst I know nothing about the practicalities of that niche my first assumption is that it is a massive market and secondly if it’s an international (or even national shop) then you have a wide range of people to cover.

So even if those additional accounts aren’t your main business/fashion store account, you can create other ones which are supporting accounts which are related to the niche, maybe as fan pages for examples, which simply repost about things people in your niche will enjoy (might not even be pics of clothes - e.g. I see people selling yoga pants or spiritual jewellery on IG promoting through accounts that appear to have been built to just share inspirational quotes, and then they just slip in their advertising in pictures and bio, or maybe shoutouts, so you could find something that your market will mutually enjoy to gather them into those additional accounts). Reposting neutral things like that (and not about say clothes) could also mean you’re not simply just doing free advertising for your competitors!

And also, if your main account did go down, then you’d have a solid foundation with those side accounts to turn into a main promotional account again. And you could do a lot of your settings tests on these side accounts to go through the process of finding out your limitations without affection your main account.

Good luck!


Ok, I see what you try to explain. So I could create a couple fashion niche accounts reposting what other big pages do, and then promote my products in there right?
Thank you for your time

Hi @Papadopoulus, Welcome to the forum. Typically yes, you can do that. However, there’s a risk that some of the post you are reposting from big accounts will report your post and get taken down. I suggest creating your own content as much as possible. Again, reposting content is okay but there are risk involve. Good luck with your journey


Also it might not be great reposting pictures of your competitor’s brands because it would just saturate your posts anyway, plus lots of pictures of just clothing advertising probably isn’t great (maybe people enjoy that though). But if you can find something they might all enjoy as an interest. Like if one of your major products was premium basketball shoes then you could try making a basketball related fanpage and target the right types of followers onto that. Maybe that won’t work for your needs. Want to share what some of the major products or fashion niches is, or does it totally vary?