Newbie ?: How To connect to My Serverhosh/Bithosts Dedicated Server?

Hi everyone. I’m sorry to ask such a basic questions but how do I log onto my new / dedicated server? I bought one 3.5 days ago and just got the IP number but tech support there is super slow and this company has NO instructions or knowledge base on their website so I’m pulling my hair out. I have the Ericom Blaz client that I’ve used for other VPSs elsewhere in the past but when I enter my new server’s IP and my username and password, it doesn’t work because it says I have to change my password on my first login. How do I connect to change my password? I’m really regretting not spending the extra money to go with the VPS / dedicated server by Turnkey that BrandonBerner recommended. So far Serverhosh sucks! :frowning:

Thanks in advance for your help.

I tot they had good reviews on BHW. the username/pass is almost always emailed to you from every host. Show us a screenshot of what error it says.

Also Try using a normal RDP client to connect

Maybe this ?

Thanks dddd. This is the error message that Ericom Blaze Client is giving me: .

What is the name of a normal RDP client that I can download please? I used Ericom Blaze with my last VPS and don’t know what client is considered normal.

I think most of the reviews for Serverhosh / BitHosts on BHW and here on mpsocial must certainly be fake. Their support just sent me a message that they think I already have been on the server because I has bitcoin stuff running on it already. So, the 3.5 day delay to install Windows and give me my login info wasn’t even due to them wiping the drive and installing a fresh copy of Windows. :frowning:

Classic example of a host that hasnt completely wiped the drive of the old customer. Idk how it happens either, but some info is retained and not completely wiped especially for a server.

For a normal RDP client, every windows comes installed with it. try the link above might be related to your case

Thanks dddd. Serverhosh supposedly wiped my drive like I asked them to and they then sent me a new username and password. I then used your instructions to log on and change my password so thanks for sending that link on forced password changing in RDP.

You won’t believe it but 10 minutes after I logged in and started installing software I the server, I was ATTACKED BY RANSOMWARE Will the problems ever end? This is so bad that it’s funny. I’m asking for my money back.