Newbie M/S M/C.. Pls guide

Hi all
I am a newbie…not a techie.
I have just started building on m/s or m/c since 3 weeks…
Managed to make 50 child accounts with real sims and phone… All child’s on one phone with app clones 5 accounts per clone… All having 50 followers and 100ish following and 15-20 posts each. With decent content looking to grow to 100 child accounts. Mother ac has 11.2k followers with good content… current engagement of 8%

Warming up with

sending about 10dms per day per account…with link / mention of main account … About 500 dms total
10follows + 1/2 likes per target

The response has been very disappointing… Say 5-8 follows…which is about 1%…

What is a reasonable conversation / follow back FBR % for cold DMs?

is cold DMs a bad idea… And go for F/Uf on child account and DM only followers of child account?

What is the best approach?

What is a reasonable growth I should expect with 100 child accounts to my main account… I was reading in one of there discussion 10-15 followers to main account with each child account…this sounds unreal for me as of now

gurus and Experts Pls guide / suggest


You won’t see that kind of growth everyday. Maybe a year ago when things were much easier.

The follow to mother comes down to lots of things. Your DM, the main page content and layout, the types of people you are following.

Just because you get a follow back doesn’t mean they will follow a main account. They just follow you because you follow them. The main account needs to bring some form of value for them to take that extra step.

*But If you follow lots of third world countries, bots etc then you maybe able to get a big follow to mother. The cleaner your sources are, the less you will get.

Ie. Upper class US/ UK that likes watches etc is a lot harder than any income, India that likes watches.
It depends on the goals of the M/S. Is it for money or for just followers

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Thanks brother… Have followed your guide / posts… .thanks a ton :blush:

I have ensured that my target were all engaging with similar accounts ( size and content qty ) my main page does have reasonably good content

Yeah 10-15 conversion per child may be a lot to ask at this point but is 1% conversation on Cold Dms ok?

What show a reasonable conversion of cold DMs be

is cold DMs bad idea and only DM followers of child acc?

Personally, I don’t do cold DMS as that kills my slaves. The conversion on cold is much lower than m/s. i’m not sure by how much as I don’t do cold dms

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1% conversion is low and that depends on a lot of factors as @heroeslair mentioned in his first reply, I should focus and improve those mentioned things.

Have you tried to use the comment method instead of DMs? The issue with the DMs method is that lately, a lot of DMs stay as requests on the target user inbox.


How do you get the comment method to not sound spammy? I’m guessing this wouldn’t work with m/s?

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So you suggest… Sending DM after someone follows the child account?

yes i have the same question.

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Hi rome… What’s your set up for DMs? How it going

extreme spin syntax method that how i used to do that at one time using many accounts commenting on diffrent posts a day each account was doing 25 comment.


on followers posts or new?
Can you dm the person the comment asking them to check the dms?

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both followers and non followers, what I was doing is asking them to DM me so that i don’t have to DM them and get blocked, reply to a DM is much safer then starting the conversation.


Hard part is not sounding spammy. Is it easy to get an account disabled using comments on non followers?

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Of course dm non-followers is not the same as followers but as i said extreme spin syntax and avoiding direct approach is the key

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