Newbie question about Jarvee

Is it possible to extract ghost followers using only scraper accounts without loggining into main account? I’m thinking about getting Jarvee, but don’t want to put my main acc into it, just use it for scraping filtered information sheets (like unfollowers,ghosts, active followers of competitors and etc) for manual work on main

It’s not possible to do that if you want to use Block Followers tool. You will still have to add your main account to Jarvee and start the Block Followers tool on your main account.

You can use the Contact tool to scrape followers, likers, commenters of your main account using your scraper accounts, but then you will need to cross check the results manually to find inactive users.

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Thank you for answering!

Can this tool extract ghosts in some kind of list with usernames, without actual automated blocking? So I’ll do it manual after getting information

Yes, it can. There’s an option called “do not block immediately”.
If you have that option checked, Jarvee will only scrape ghost followers without blocking them/removing them from your followers list.


Thank you very much! It helps a lot!
Is it possible that Instagram can detect and hurt main account if its not doing automated actions? Sorry for such stupid question, I feel so paranoid after those waves of disabling

You can use scraper accounts to scrape those followers.

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