Newbie question...How do proxys work for facebook and what do I need to sign upto to enable proxy for different accounts.?

Okay , totally newbie to MP , I keep reading in the forums it is very important to have more than one account , but each account needs to have it’s own proxy.

How do I set up proxies and is there a service I need to sign up to for the proxy to work with MP ?

I have not yet signed up for the free account , as I am hoping to gather the required info before I start my free trial to use the required features I think I will need to use.


You have to buy the proxies to use them. You can scrape free ones, but you will be banned within 2 minutes:)

I have good experience with and You can enter them in MP and assign them to an account.



Hi @justwondering as @dma0245 said, you will need to buy the proxies from a proxy provider, you can either use our Recommended Proxies provider or try the ones Danny mentioned above.

In order to add a proxy to your account, go to that social account in Mass Planner, check the box “Show Proxy Settings” and fill in the details of your proxy.

Here’s a full tutorial on how to do that: Adding proxies to your profiles

Thank you for your very helpful advice…okay so for example if I use proxies for my account for posting…

What happens if I log in from a different computer not using MP , but just the facebook account user name and password to say answer a question from a PM or similar , would that blow my cover ?

With proxies enabled for each account , does MP enable me to answer messages and reply to messages using each account , so far example 6 facebook accounts setup on MP , one account has a message , do I just use the MP interface to click on the account I want to use and it will then be running facebook using that account so I can reply as a human etc ? same for messages ?

Also , Do I need to purchase 1 proxy per account , or will each proxy give me a range of ports , so one proxy = say 255 accounts worth ?

I have a static I.P as I would be running MP from my office , where I am allocated a static I.P

Facebook might ask you for Friends Verification or Phone verification if you didn’t use the proxy but Mass Planner have the embedded browser that you can use to answer to PMs and check your account.

Next to every account you have in Mass Planner there’s a Browse button that allows you to navigate your account the same way in a normal browser.

You can use a maximum of 3 accounts per proxy, otherwise you will be risking getting your accounts blocked.

I suggest you get the free trial and start learning by doing.

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Perfect thank you , you have given me peace of mind , the kinds of question I have been asking over the past few days , would of been things I would of been waiting on for answers while my trail ran out…so now I feel I am 1 step ahead before I start , I shall sign for the trial next week , I have 2 aged accounts at present…my own and another one I have use for some Time.

but you recommend only 10 - 20 posts from each account…is that the same rule for comments ? or would you class a comment as a post ?

I am trying to work out if Facebook post = a comment , so a mix of 10 - 20 posts and comments , or 20 posts , but unlimited comments ?

You can try 10 - 20 posts and 10 - 20 comments per day, just make sure you use spintext with a lot of variations inside. You can read more about it here: How to create unique posts when posting to hundreds of places - spinning to the extreme

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