Newbie question: Whats the purpose of using vps for M/S method? i m using 4g proxies, do i need a vps to run jarvee?

Hi, fams!

Please educate me if my question is too stupid.

I’m planning to run jarvee for both scraping and M/S on my home pc and a labtop.

The pc im using is ryzen r5 3800 with 32gb ram which can run 10 hours/day(its also my work pc so i wont let it run fully). The spare windows laptop is an old one. It has intel i7 3940xm with 16gb ram can run 24 hours/day.

I got myself 4g data plans to make proxies with andriod phones and i thought that was enough until i saw alot of you guys talked about vps. Whats the main purpose of using vps? i did some research on some IT forum. They said it will cover your real mother board serial number since once ig blocks your motherboard end the automation. is that true?


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VPS is useful for example if you use some other operation system that is now Windows, since Jarvee works on Windows only. Also, it’s useful if you have slower machine and you don’t want to buy a new one. And also I would say that it’s useful that it’s running all the time so your Jarvee can run all the time, your home computer would probably be off from time to time, and it has to be on in order for Jarvee to work.

You should avoid using VPS IPs since they are not really recommended for social profiles.

In 1 sentence : to avoid having 45 computers at home. If you’re doing M/S without VPS, you can’t go far.

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Thx for reply! I’m using Jarvee for M/S of a personal account, not for business. Do you mean I need like 45 pc or vps to keep things running 24hrs per account, and do you mean that I need to 45 jarvee plans for a single use? I don’t think I can afford that. Can you elaborate on that?

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Thanks, Bianca! Do you mean by using proxies to hide the real IP?

My answer will be as blurry as your statement, because I don’t know what’s your ambition. If you plan on just getting roughly +100 followers per day, then a small setup will be enough.

If you plan on scaling and extending a real network of accounts, to get impressive numbers, then you have no other choice than going for an “Enterprise” mode, aka many VPS.

My laptop seems slightly better than yours and has a mental when I run more than 70 accounts at full actions especially with eb.

So, I have two jarvees. One on my laptop and one on vps. Will probably end up having 10 vps at this rate lol.
Very hard to watch movies or use photoshop with 100 jarvee accounts running on your laptop. Slows everything down

VPS solution is useful if you want to be able to turn off your PC and to continue performing your actions via Jarvee because Jarvee only works when your PC is turned on.

Thank you for that advise! I will consider getting more VPS for my needs when I meee to scale up

Yeah. Always start slow before scaling. When you get results for over a month, then you can double your work load. Not before, otherwise you’ll be crawling under the heavy job and won’t be efficient :slight_smile:

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