Newbie to seo. 0 view for first video

I registered 2 accts (independent login and devices) and started with same video. My view for both first videos are 0 so far. Not sure because of quality or shadowban? Should i follow some ppl before keep posting new vid?

P.s. Im in a 3rd region that not many people using tiktok.
P.s.2 Im having a e-commerce and video is a 10sec product video. Just a normal one you can see in IG/fb.

This is the same for me. Interested to hear replies.

Also interested in people’s best methods for building accounts.

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It could just be your content 1 video is not enough to go off. Trying making content that is over 15 seconds and people will watch til the end. If possible they watch over and over tiktok really likes that.

What does your video look like?

Easy answer is your content probably sucks and just isn’t getting any traction.