[News] IG founders leave the company

Bye bye!

Apparently neither of them liked the way Zuck was taking their product and finally pulled the plug. I’m sure these guys were responsible for holding back a lot of the spammy / money squeezing ideas Fb must have thought up for Insta, and now that they’re gone, we’re sure to see these make an entry.

What do you guys think?


I was just reading this news today.
I agree with you. IG will probably try to squeeze as much money from everyone involved: brands and marketers.


As opposed to what?

Every publicly traded company has one major responsibility - maximize shareholder ROI. Whether it is a bank, Coca Cola or Facebook, profit (aka money) is always going to be the main point.


As opposed to increasing revenue & introducing features, but ensuring user privacy and delivering great user experience at the same time.


thats always a bad sign when the founders leave, i hope fb doesnt try to ruin it with unnecessary stuff


Founders stop being founders the second they sell their company.

You cannot sell your product and want to still be fully in charge of what happens to it. If you want to maintain autonomy, you don’t sell.


Wise words… totally agree!

It’s why IG is less effective today for SM. They are more and more like FB every day. Pay to play.

They want you to provide great engaging content, build big audiences, and then they limit your reach to the audience you built unless you hand them your credit card.

business history tells us the founders 9 out of ten times leave. often to start anew. the minute they gave up Insta, it was never thiers again. nothing new, Insta is no longer growing up, its a place in big business.
So what if they leave? it is business as usual and this weeks news soon to be forgotten.

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It seriously bugs me when people have this mentality.

  1. Social media sites are business. Business make money.

  2. There never was and (most likely) never will be a free form of advertising.

  3. Pay to play is by far the best thing that can happen to anyone who is serious about growing their business. If you can put in $1 and get $2 back, you’ll do it as much and for as long as you can.

  4. Most important of all - THEIR site, THEIR rules.

People often get bent out of shape about social media sites. If your local bakery charges you more for cake, not a problem. If your bank bumps the fee of your account, no problem. If your coffee goes from $1.78 to $1.99, no problem.

If Facebook or another social media company makes a change - disaster.

It just bugs the life out of the business person in me when people waste their mental power on stuff like this.


I agree with you.

The point of being in business is to make money one way or another.

To add to the OP, at the end of the day… the vast majority of people will continue using Instagram no matter what FB decides to change(in my opinion). FB knows this and will implement new things that can generate more $$ for them and their investors.

I can’t say I blame them because at the end of the day all of us (potentially) would do the same. Everyone is out to make money.

That’s not what happened to MySpace. If you destroy user experience, you will pay the price. Eventually.

Woah. I think you are reading way to much into this post. Just saying they are following the FB model.

I spand over $100K/yr on paid. No where did I say it was a disaster, or they have no right to change.

Just stating the facts.

Think this happening by itself isn’t necessarily a bad news, it’s the changes the changes to the platform FB is going to make are all the difference. Guess we will see about that soon.

One thing they won’t dare to do is change IG into FB type platform. FB is super anti bh. The way they do the api n stuff is stupid. I think we will be ok boys.