NEWS! Jarvee statment about the situation online

Nothing new but its a offical post from Jarvee behind this link.
Its mostly the same that we alrdy figured out here.
Also they talk about alternate methods that i alrdy using since years :smiley:


Could have been posted in the Mega thread if you ask me.


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No offence, man, but is just the way it should be done.

I think it’s OK to live in its own thread, as long as it does not become yet another follow-block discussion.


Yes if u like i can delete it and repost there. Otherwise is think its the first offical post from jarvee about it and so it get more exposure. Its up to u MojoJojo

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My bad then! :pray::raised_hands:

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yeah bro they covered what we already talked about days ago the new limits …,Many spammers will give up on Instagram automation and also “social signal panels” are dying slowly
But i loved this note that they have said in the end of there Post

It’s is never the end, just a new beginning. Don’t give up, adapt and you will do just fine! You might do even better since there will be less competition.

thanks for sharing brother!


It’s probably the end of “social signal panels” or they will get extremely expensive since it will be harder than ever to provide such a service so again, there will be more place for your accounts to shine

What does it mean? Telegram groups?

No problem brother. I think the same. “It’s is never the end, just a new beginning.” (the beginning of alot of new acc to compensate :wink: :joy::sweat_smile::sunglasses: