Niche: Motorcycle Ecomm

I own 2 different Ecom businesses which sell products (stickers and LED/xenon lights) for motorcycles. I’m currently developping the long term strategy to grow high quality accounts. Here’s how I’m planning to do it now, and I’d like to have some feedback or additional tips.

  • I start and grow accounts for specific motorcycles (for example a Yamaha R1 motorcycle)
  • Growing: Content is only posted to feed, no stories yet. It’s 80% repost and 20% own content.
  • Growing: have a VA scan hashtags for users that have the specific motorcycle, like follow and comment on their page to get a follow back.
  • I don’t focus only on getting a huge amount of followers, I only want followers who really own this bike and are potential customers. This should also give better engagement rates.
  • Because of that, I only use the hashtags of this specific motorcycle

When these pages grow/age a bit, I’ll use it once in a while to repost a product from my business IG account, to promote it.

I have started one Instagram account for a specific motorcycle on the 1st of July. Right now it has around 1150 followers, and engagement rates on the last 3 posts was between 14% and 40%. Is this a good rate?

Yes, it’s a very good rate. You said first that the account is for motorcycles generally and then you reduced to Yamaha R1. What is it?

If you have the general broad niche, that’s very good since you are already niched to stickers and lights for motorcyles so I would go with that. You can use babe on motorcycles that will increase more the engagement rate and you can promote also that.

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Thanks. The e-comm sites I have are motorcycles in general. But the pages I’m creating, I want to create or specific motorbikes.

For example Yamaha R1 has a very good selling product in one of the E-comm sites, I want to promote that further through Insta.

I’m not looking to take the “babe on motorcycle” route, since I don’t believe that will eventually attract the right people, which might lower the engagement rate. I guess the followers that you attract with the babe pictures on average will attract more random guys who are not owning or at least interested in this specific motorcycle. Wrong thinking?

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Well, you need to test it out, I think if you specify in the BIO and captions that this is an ecommerce account you might attract the right people. As I’ve said, you need to test it out

I don’t mention it’s for an Ecomm business. It’s just presented as a neutral “Yamaha R1 fan page”. But occasionally I’ll share some content from the Ecomm Insta pages :wink:

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Don’t make your ads too obvious. Make sure they blend in perfectly with your usual posts. Converts much better.