Niche nicknames

Chocolate Burst:
Tear Crack:
Cockatoo :
Chef Eliott:
Crack Pipe:

Somebody is using these terms to describe their niches. Does anyone know what any of them mean?

Hahaha! What on earth!

I see a mixture of cooking & hard core drugs.

Where did you find these?

black hat world. some guy posted how he’s making money with these niches

:joy: no idea, but they sound funny

LOL I’ll take a stab at a few of em (results are not guaranteed ;P):

Cockatoo: I’m gonna go with those goofy annoying birds.
Kiwi: My powers of observation tell me this one is a trick! You think it’s the fruit but it’s really…about New Zealanders.
Nuts: Crazy people…definitely crazy people.:mask:
Cherry: Could be pie. Could be fruit. Could be something R-Rated. :open_mouth:. Could be a song about said fruit.
Footie: Snuggies
Pepperoni: Pizza of course.
Crack Pipe: Tyrone Biggums

That’s my not-so-highly-educated guesses. Do with that what you will. :grinning:


:joy::joy::joy: …now this topic got a turn for the … better :smiley:


yeah why are ppl so friggin secretive about their niches? There are just about 7 billion people in the world. Somebody telling a few hundred ppl won’t make a difference. Besides there are only really 3 money making niches anyway, health, wealth and relationships.

Also, is anybody having luck promoting those free gift card or iPhone giveaways? I have never gotten a single sign up for those.

You are forgetting some:) I am making money in cars, photo,cats, pets,skateboard,watches and tattoo niches as well

Could be my family nicknames I guess!

Chocolate Burst: Mike, it’s my black cousin from Kongo. Married my ante.
Tear Crack: My nephew Jeff, From blowing to crack in 3 years. Going oke now:)
Cockatoo : My ant, married to Chocolate Burst
Kiwi: My sister, really living in New Zealand now!
Nuts: Depends.If it;s the low-carb ones, then it’s my mon. Diet all year…
Chef Eliott: My wife, she can cook!!!
Cherry: Neighbours daughter…Yes, Cherry.Se is 24 but hell yes!
Footie: My brother in law playing this in New Zealand!
Pepperoni: My Italian friend from the pizza place in my city!
Crack Pipe: Will be me if I don’t succeed in IM next year! Go DAnny


how are you making money with cats? i have like 5 dog accounts, some with over 60k followers and can’t make anything with them.

How about making a ‘Christmas gift basket for your best friend’ post and selling bunch of stuff through amazon affiliate program :slight_smile:

Sorry, but I can’t tell you my secret…




Ok, I will :wink:

I was tyred of the bans, the phone verifications, and spamming. So 2 months ago i decided to grow real accounts that are engaging. When they reach 10k followers i sell them. I grow accounts in any niche and sell them between 8 and 13$ per 1k. Depending on the engagement.

So i don’t have any stress anymore…No bans, nothing…And I don’t have to bother thinking about how to monetize the accounts. That is something for the customers:)

Last few weeks the most time is making custom accounts for clients. The see my engagament and are paying me to build an account for them in the iche they want.



So, you let them grow organically without following/unfollowing?

No, that would take ages…

So, the difference between now and then - getting bans and not - is simply that you stopped adding URLs?

No it’s not that simple. I followed this method for a while:

So i didnt had to post anything. Only follow/unfollow and link in bio to landingpage.

Now i have to follow/unfollow/ like, target, making posts that are engaging, and target better. Then target again, and then do some research to target better again. :slight_smile: It’s taking more time then the spam method, but more satisfaction and less stress…


where do you sell them? seems like a lot of work to make $80

How many hours did it took to grow that accounts and how many money did you earned in that ones?

It will take some more work in the beginning when you start a new niche. But when you know all about that niche it simple.

A new account will take 3 hours total to get to the point i can sell it. Mp does so many automatizations for me. I set up 1 main account in example car niche. Then set up 20 accounts, copy all settings from the main account, using destination list from the main campaign, spinning text and gogogogogoog.

If you knew what profit I had last 2 months with the 16,95 MP you wouldn’t believe me, especially when you know it’s just a hobby. Of course, i don’t grow one account. I grow many, many accounts.

I sell them here mostly (and love the great feedback I get more then the $:)

So does it still seems a lot of work to make $80???


you said a new account takes 3 hours to get to the point you can sell it? so from the minute u create the account 3 hours later you have 10,000 real followers?

Come on…And you think it seems a lot of work…

What do you think i mean? It will take 3 hours in total work untill it will reach 10k followers. And that will take between 4 and 6 weeks of course. 95% is on autopilot.

no i understand now. i am just surprised somebody is paying $100 for an account with 10,000 followers. would you be willing to share one account you don’t have 10,000 followers in yet? i just want to see how much effort you are putting into captions, scraping pics is the easy part but making an ig look great is where the captions set them apart.

i actually have 64 accounts right now with over 10,000 followers and i would probably sell a few of those at $100 a piece easily