Nitreo, the growth tool for Instagram made by the Unknowns


The first line on the homepage of Nitreo ( makes it clear what Nitro can do for you:
“Get more Instagram followers with Nitreo. Grow your account, expand your reach, and build your brand - organically.”
And you can be set up in only 2 minutes, like those 5.000 new clients do every month. Just click on “Sign Up”. Is that wise?

On the same homepage we see in big letters:
“BuzzFeed, New York Post and Forbes”

Why? Wel, probably you can find reviews about Nitreo in BuzzFeed, New York Post and Forbes. But that assumption is wrong, in those three media there is no article to be found about Nitreo. So this suggestion is fake.

Above those three media we see a picture of a young lady, with the name of Ineslove, who shows with a graph the impressive growth of her followers. However, Ineslove is fake, just like those other influencers on the page, they neither exist, they are also fake.
And Henrique Borgas of Muito Bom Media Brazil, who is so happy with Nitreo (“ It works like a charm”) does not exist either. Well, not completely. He also appears on the site of Fameleap, a growth tool for Tik Tok, with more or less the same text.

Nitreo Technologies is the company behind Nitreo. They hide their identity on the site. It is not clear in which country they are located, there is no address, telephone number or mail address. However we found one clue. In the Terms & Conditions is stated:
“The Terms stated above and any disputes relevant to the Terms or our Privacy Policy shall be addressed exclusively by the law of Malaysia and relevant constitutional bodies of Malaysia.”
So maybe the company is located in that country. Or maybe there is no company. Or maybe the company is located in the USA, because a search of “Nitreo Technologies” gives an address in the USA.

Anyhow to use Nitreo you have to have a lot of confidence in the company because, as stated in the terms:
“… we require the Customer Instagram username and password …”
Would you give your login credentials to an unknown company?
According to Nitreo Technologies, there are 77.000 clients, as they state on the homepage.
That is very impressive if you look at the prices.

Version Essential costs $46/month and version Speed $79/month. If you pay on a yearly base, prices drop with about 40%. So by paying in advance you receive an enormous discount. I wonder why?

Last remark about client satisfaction, Trustpilot gives an average rate of 2.9, with reviews in january like “They got my account locked”, “Total scam” and “DO NOT BUY”.


Because by paying for a full year with - 40%, you’re going to give them money for 12 months, which is good for them as I guess they aren’t used to keep clients for that long (by looking at the reviews).

Still, I don’t get what you’re asking. If it’s to know if they are legit because you’re interested in their service, just read the reviews and run away.

It takes 1 Sec to establish why this can only be a scam.

They show a lot of Media or Companys that “use” or “feature” them.
1 Google search and there are 2 Websites that wrote about them.

Both by not well known sources.

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Prolly because if you purchase a license for one month, you won’t be extending afterward :slight_smile:

What is interesting… in their demo video there is an instagram account called ironatepizza.
It has there 108 posts, 1075 Followers and 298 following.
Now on insta 108 posts, 1815 followers and wow 2.187 following.

Who`s going to clean up that mess? :slight_smile:

Sadly many F/U providers just ramp up the following from the start like this, in order for the client to notice a “big surge” of growth. And if the client stops after one month, you can be sure he has 1-2k additional following to clean up. Not very healthy yes

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Nitreo is owned by Upleap, a service that follows a similar style, as well as Kenji.

I have no interest in working out how their business model works but for those that are interested for whatever reason they’re almost like hit and run service, new ones pop up all the time, pump a ton of money into seo + adwords, have a website that will fool first time buyers.

The lifetime value of their customer is usually 1 month because their service (if it even works) will be sub-par. As such, they market their services as if their ROI on a sale will be 1 month of sales.

These services usually continue to operate until there are so many bad reviews from people who have been conned out of their money that the same people just open up a new ‘Instagram growth service’ under another brand name, with the same fake reviews etc and the cycle repeats.

This is nothing new - it’s been happening for years.


Salut Laurence,

The probleme is that the rule “until there are so many bad reviews” not valid is.

E.g. Mr Insta, they give you free followers and Trustpilot gives them a rating of 4.8 on 6716 reviews. But if you look at the individual reviews, even without a statistical analysis, you notice that something is very wrong.

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Thanks LauranceM for these infos, hopefully, it will help at least the members of the MP community not to be fooled like that :pray: :pray: