No automation, only manual.. problem with 2 smartphone

same account, same wifi, in one smartphone action blocked… not in other!
Smartphones are new!

Cause IG algo is switching up lately, only to make it difficult for you to find a pattern. Blocks can be made on device, ips or only on sessions etc. In your case might well be the phone IDs which are blocked for some time. Specifically if you have used those 2 phone to automate other accoubts on.

it’s becuase IG does not like the same account on more than one phone. I had the same problem until I deleted the account on the later install. Bet the one you have no problems with is the og phone phone. It often has a problem logging in on the new phone – ya can have all the desktop on it, just they bitch if more than one phone.

That’s your problem right there, Adsl wifi, don’t use wifi for manual growth, use your sim card 4g and you will see how you will get zero or a lot less issues.I suggest if you use 4g+ follow non stop on one round, for example if you follow 100 per day, follow 50 usernames no stop and after 5 minutes do another 50 and later leave the account rest, it’s better than doing 20 each hour which looks robotic.

Nice one. Good point :ok_hand: