No caption, no hashtags

Hey guys i have a problem with not showing the caption and hashtags. I change hashtags use dynamic hashtags post but one day is okey another same problem. Any solved situation and help ?

This could be anything from caption to big too much hashtag or blocked hashtag being used

Is there are any tool for checking blocked hastags ? In caption i use only @username and one day is okey another not

you mean you just tag a user ? if you got same caption all the time it might get it block as well (caption) for the block hashtag just go in the tag and make sure theres top 9 and its not new hashtag and make sure its not a blocked one as well (you wont see anything or no top 9 if its blocked)

Hope that help, Good Luck!

How many hashtags are you actually using on the post? If you are using 31 or more the caption doesn’t get shown (provided you add the hashags in the caption ofc).

Not more then 20 friend i use dynamic hashtags now but nothing i dont now what to do :frowning: