No growth! No Engagement ! Where is my niche? How can I save my account to reach 100k's?

Awesome community,
My engagement and follow back rate are very low compare to a few month back.
I only have 200/300 likes max on great content for 13.9k followers.
and 150 of them come from an exchange like tool…(facepalm)
I barely get any comments anymore.
My stories get 200 max.
Follow back ratio is so low I cant even count it.

My Niche is Pop Music and I used to sit back and get 100’s of followers (active fans) every day and was posting once in while. Then I stopped posting for a couple of months ( i know bad decision), my following count was between 5k and 7k,and I wanted to lower , I stopped following for a week or so, and just unfollow til It came to around 500 following.

Now I post once a day , very cool content but dont get any result.
Honestly I feel my content and page could easily be in 100k’s or more (Anyone could get me there?) but instead after following 600+ account every day , my followers count keep decreasing slowly and Im loosing followers everyday. I don’t know why…

I would really want to get to 50k-100k by the end of next year, my music and content are really good and Im really frustrated not to find my audience.
I tried plenty of different targeted accounts even the ones I used before, but it doenst seems to work.
Do you have any ideas on how I can get out of this IG nightmare?

Re engage your followers start liking and comment on their posts to get them to pay attention. If they engage back more then likely Instagram with put your posts in front of them


@ELanimal what if he is simply shadowed?

OP, if you are still on this forum :

Post something using a couple of hashtags, then use a different IG account which is not following you to check whether the posts from your account appear in the hashtag’s recent posts. If they are not then you are shadowbanned and that’s the cause of low engagement.

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